Saturday, January 2, 2010

Switch On!!!

Where 2 start.....i believe an introduction is in order no?......We are called Nono by most. We don't really mind cos she's in will get 2 meet us all eventually.....

Its a new year and most people make resolutions. I used to but never kept any of them so i stopped. i feel resolutions are just a way people express their need for change. You make a resolution because you want to see a change. It could be in ur life or in the life of another but it all boils down to change. Change is indeed very difficult. I am of the opinion that only two kinds of minds can achieve this feat. A very disciplined one or a very scared one. Obviously as we grow older, we try to be better versions of ourselves. I feel this is just natural and should not be classified as a resolution. If u don't strife to be better, then what exactly are u living for??

PS: i dont have a personality disorder or anything of that sort..i err...just have 8 different sides to me. Helps me think better :)

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