Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love(plain and simple)!!!

I'd like to apologise for my absence. I've been writing my exams. I've still got one paper left though but this post has been on my mind for a while now. I know this topic is quite redundant in the sense soooooooo many people have spoken/written stuff on it but that doesn't really matter to me(obviously :p). Ok enough with the small talk :).

I am a hopeless romantic(you have no idea). I'm one of those people that finds it cute when you can complete each others sentences or when you can make decisions for the other person and get it right. Most people I know don't believe in love anymore and I don't really blame them. I am not one of them though(obviously). I love mushy stuff. I love the little things that might not mean anything to the next person. I think I'm very "old school" when it comes to that. I love knowing you'll always be there no matter what. Some might see that as naïve or even impossible. Again i say I'm not one of them. Nobody is perfect. Knowing that is the first step. I listen to people go on and on about what their spouse should look like, how they should behave and so on. Most times I feel like giving them a resounding slap. Wake up!!. Most people have a good thing going but they mess it up cos they are not contented. If you've got someone that loves you for you, what more do you want. You'll be surprised at just how much you can tolerate when love is involved.

Growing old alone is not nice at all. That being said, I don't think I could ever settle for someone just cos I don't wanna grow old alone. If I don't care about you, it just won't work(I'm also a heavy flirt lol). That spark has to be there for me to want to settle down. I get teary eyed when I see old couples acting like they only just met. I always pray that that'll be me someday. I have loved once before. It didn't end well but I won't base my life on that one experience. That won't be fair to me at all and besides the boy was a douche :). I don't understand when people go all "she cheated on me so I can never trust again". That is just bullshit. You hurt no one but yourself. Like Aaliyah said(God rest her soul), "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again". I think this should be applied to love. Some people are lucky and get it right on the first go but most people aren't as lucky. I think that's what's wrong with our generation. We give up too easily. Its now one night stands, flings, friends with benefits, fuck buddies etc. The list is endless. Even when we are in relationships, one or both of them have something going on the side. What happened to fidelity?? True love?? I don't think many people would recognise that even if it introduced itself as love. I shake my head for my generation. Its either one party knows it but the other is obtuse or both are. Yes it makes you vulnerable but that's why its called taking a chance.

Don't let a good thing pass you by just because you were afraid to take that leap cos when you think about it, the things that are holding you back aren't nearly as important.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i was a guest!!!

So today I had my first invite to guest blog. I'm reading for my exams at the moment so I can't come up with two posts. So here's today's post :)


Hope you like!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Identity crisis!!!

He roamed the halls with his huge backpack on his very tiny frame. Nerdy glasses threatening to slide off his nose with every step. A dejected look on his face as he passed the girl he had a huge crush on. Sadly, she probably never would acknowledge his existence. He had his little clique. The dorks of his class. What he would give to sit at the cool kids table. What he would give to be noticed by HER. Ironically, the jocks always noticed him. Even when he had his spy mode on, he could never quite slip past their bulky frames. They taunted him. They bullied him. They gave him daily wedges. His butt crack hurt. He hated school. He couldn't bring himself to run away because of her. He worshipped her. He decided to do something about it.

Next day.....

He can't wait to get to school. He can feel it. Today would be the day she finally notices him. He takes great care getting ready for school. He had stolen his dad's aftershave and hair gel the day before. He doesn't use either sparingly. His mum can barely breathe when he comes downstairs. She has never seen him so excited so she doesn't comment on the aftershave and hair gel. She figures it must be a girl. He rushes through breakfast. It's TIME. The car pulls up to the school's parking lot. He gets out. He can't wait. Bye bye "geekdom". Hello "cooldom". He roams the hall. This cannot be happening. Every kid looks like his old self. All sporting identical geek classes. Even her. He feels his contacts begin to itch. Even his dorky friends look like they belong. Everyone stares at him. This cannot be happening. NOOOOOO!!!!. Guess who got the wedgy?? :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi!!! My name is Anonymous.

Sex, drugs and liquor. The common culprits. You can't mention addiction without these three showing their ugly heads(ok maybe not so ugly when err....sex is concerned). I'm sure if they were human beings, they'll be those guys that get invited to all parties. The popular kids in school. All the girls want to date them and all the dudes want to be their friends(except the gay ones ofcourse. Those ones have a whole different agenda if you know what I mean). Liquor would probably date Blackberry and Drugs would date Twitter. Sex would be the gigolo(pun very intended). Liquor would probably bully the dorky kids and yet the kids would speak fondly of him while Drugs would get a copy of the test answers and use it to cheat right infront of the teacher and all he'd receive would be a pat on the back and a wide smile. Sex ofcourse would do what he's used to. Putting dreamy smiles on the faces of the ladies and the "ladies". They'll all know he's rotating them but do they care?? NO.

Now one might say that although the main culprits are sex, drugs and liquor, there are a lot more vices out there. I agree completely. Infact they happen to attend the same school and are all not bad. Some addictions are actually quite helpful. Like the blackberry(She only gets destructive when she is around liquor), Dancing, Music etc. Dancing and Music are quite the characters though. They are very loud and like being the centre of attention. They mean no harm though and most times they cause no harm but as we all know, shit happens.

Ok let's step out of school for a bit. In life, everybody has an addiction. Whether u choose to admit it or not, you have one. The important thing is that you make sure yours isn't a detriment to you. If you think even for a slight second it is, seek help immediately. Ok recess over. Back to school guys!!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Winging it!!!

Writing is now my addiction. Even when I have nothing to say, I still wanna write. Most times I don't know what I'm going to write about. I just come here and start typing. Guess you can call me a freestyle writer(some JayZ ish) lol. I'm sure you just thought "so she doesn't know what she wants to write about?". I wonder what gave me away *huge grin*. Today, Nono is going to wing it(first music, now sports hehe!!).

"I'm in love with you", "I love you guys"........
These words have been uttered to me less than twenty four hours after meeting(former) and because I followed someone on twitter(latter). Bear in mind, the dude knew not my name, and the person being followed knew absolutely nothing about me as at the time the words were uttered/typed. My reaction was a different matter all together. I have never taken the dude seriously till this day and I immediately unfollowed the girl. Yes I have a big problem with the word "LOVE" being used loosely. I think it should only be used when it is sincerely meant and trust me, there is absolutely nothing under the sun you would say that would convince me that the aforementioned instances were sincere. I get very creeped out. Kinda like you will soon start stalking me. At this point, I'd like to add there is a particular someone on twitter that keeps saying related stuff to me and I have labelled her as crazy(yes I know I have problems. Who doesn't??).

I also hate when I am asked how I am everyday. The answer probably hasn't changed. It won't be so bad if you actually had anything else to say after that. I believe twitter has now become too serious. People demanding follow backs and all that. Sometimes, I see imaginary guns. You might have well have said "a follow back or your life". Its not that serious jo. Would you rather I followed you today and unfollowed tomorrow?? I also really hate grammatical errors. If you follow my blog or you know me at all, you would know this already so I shall save the rant for someone else. You don't even want to know how far I would go for good english(I already said I had problems. Now I would like to add that I love my problems).

My phones have names. One is called Xavier and the other Silver. X and S for short. I am not crazy(you only have my word on this sha), I just love exploring my imagination. Other things err....have names too :p(see, I also want you to explore your imagination) lol. Ok I think I have enough for a blog post now. Same time tomorrow then?? Ciao.. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paranoid??? i think NOT.


Time check: 4:15am
Phone check: No missed calls
Reaction: WTF!!!


Phone stare: still no missed calls
Ear signal: No sound except the banging
Reaction: loud hiss(yep I want u to hear me)

Since when did people stop calling before coming over at odd hours??. I NEVER answer the door if I don't know who exactly is behind it. You can call me paranoid, but I choose to go with safe. The things that happen in my world nowadays are too scary for me to act otherwise. I mean some days back, a friend of mine went through an ordeal that is too sad to write about. Security is heavily important. I know where I live and the kind of security we have. The lady that's supposed to be our "security person" is even weaker than I am. My door is the only obstacle I have. Why do you think I'll be in a haste to open that when you haven't identified yourself. I've got a knife too and yes I can use it. I even considered getting a pistol once but the procedure was just too long. It terrifies me at times when I think about tomorrow. I'll soon be by myself in the "real world" and I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I really wish I could go back to being a kid but then if wishes were horses,...... :(.

I know I'll be fine though. My dad has taught me how to take care of myself. He can kill a man with his fingers hehe!! I actually thought that was sexy when I found out. Maybe I have problems :). He has refused to show me how though but its only a matter of time :D. On a serious note though, the issue of security cannot be stressed enough. Nothing is too much for your safety. We only get to live once unless ofcourse you are into reincarnation but then you can only come back so many times. You've still got to be safe.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pull UP ur pants!!!

She doesn't like it so she is a fool

Really?? What happened to being able to have my own opinion?? What happened to being able to make my own judgement?? What happened to being open to constructive criticism?? Why is everybody so verbally violent nowadays?? What happened to being able to learn from someone else's opinion?? Why is everyone sporting huge chips on their shoulders?? (Ok I've run out of questions :p)

But seriously though, why is it now a "war of the insults" game when someone doesn't like your work? I have watched people I put up there come down, pass me, keep going down till they reach their target and take the spot right beside them and proceed to join em in defecating. Why do you have to shit on his parade just cos he took a dump on yours?? What happened to being the bigger man??(I know I said I was done with the questions. Obviously I've still got a few more :p). Pull up your pants jo. You might argue that some people don't know what they are talking about hence you can't learn from their criticism. Why then do you pay them any heed?? You should be able to weed out the "sensible" from the "random"

Some people just love "swallowing other people's panadol". This is quite hilarious to me cos most times, the person you are so proudly "shitting" for isn't even aware your pants are down on his behalf. I'd luv to see someone ask "why don't u like it??". You'd probably learn a thing or two if you did that. You don't necessarily have to agree but atleast you'd know. I am of the opinion everyday is a learning process. A wise man once told me "If you go to bed at the end of the day, and you learnt nothing that day, then consider it wasted". It might just be me, but I really detest when people exchange insults cos of mundane issues. It diminishes my opinion of you.

I am not saying its wrong to defend yourself, I'm just saying there are better ways to do that without letting your pants down cos eventually you equally end up with your pants around your ankles and trust me, this is really not a good look.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You just lost a point!!! *evil laugh*

I wake up and get off my bed. I walk(running is quite impossible) towards the bathroom all the while dancing cos I'm severely pressed. I almost pull th door off its hinges. I've got a crooked smile on my face now cos I can see my lovely pink toilet. All I'm thinking now is "in your face weewee :p". I pull down my pyjama bottoms and sit down. Ahhhh bliss!! That feeling is only bested by an orgasm(my bro said that yesterday). I do my ish, get up, flush, pull up my pants and get back into bed. I wake up in th morning and FUCK!!!!! I urinated in bed."

I have always hated dreams. Right from a very tender age cos it used to get me into trouble(refer to paragraph above). Try explaining(with urine all over your pyjama bottoms) to your mum that you indeed went to the toilet. Infact you even flushed and see if you won't be called a liar. STUPID DREAM. I feel most dreams are severely IQ reducing. Infact if you think about it, you'll discover that some of your dreams are indeed like Nigerian movies. I'm sure some people even dream in parts smh. I once dreamt that witches were in our garage and they had come to take my dad and they were planning on boiling him and all what not. I ofcourse woke up quite terrified. Again STUPID DREAM. I am quite sure I lost a few IQ points after that dream.

As of this year, I can actually tell you how many times I have dreamt(yep I hate em that much). Twice. That's the count and both times, nothing made sense. Infact I think I was quite upset I had even dreamt. I'm teaching my mind to block out dreams completely. If I want to imagine fictional nonsense, I might as well walk into the nearest video store in my country and purchase a video(don't get me wrong, there are quite a FEW good Nigerian movies out there but let's face it, the majority overshadows the minority). So as of today, I am a proud nondreamer[I have no idea if this word exists, but just incase it doesn't, I claim all rights :)] and errr.....if u had a stupid dream last night, #shooturself. You just lost valuable IQ points. *evil laugh*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's right infront of you!!!

She said "we have motherless babies here in Nigeria so you better bring back those clothes". I ofcourse was quite baffled. I didn't and still don't get what the difference is. I had a couple(make that 2 boxes) of clothes I wasn't using and wanted to give out. I told my mum about it and she told me to bring the clothes back home so I give em to the needy in Nigeria. Does it really matter where the people you are helping are located?? I think not. Giving is giving. One might argue that its better to take care of the weeds in your garden before going to weed someone else's. While I agree with that analogy, my garden at that point happened to be in Ghana cos that's where I was and still am for that matter. Paying for excess luggage to aero wasn't on any list of mine so I went ahead and gave the clothes to the needy in Ghana. Mum was quite upset.

I happen to have a soft spot for kids that beg. I dunno wassup with that tho. They get me every time. By they, I mean all em Liberian kids that beg from car to car while in traffic or infront of churches. A particular kid that has her station on th road to my dad's hospital got wind of my "disability" and played that on me. Atleast that's the only explanation I can give myself. I mean this kid is there EVERYTIME. Once she spots me, she leaves whichever car she was begging from and runs to ours. At a point even Pops told me to stop looking out the window when we pass that place. All the girl has to do is smile and I'm emptying my wallet. Kai. I am probably now her maga. Smh @ myself.

Everyone needs to checkout www.tweet4charity.blogspot.com tho. Its something a couple of twitter users came up with. Its basically about giving to the needy in Lagos and Abuja. I think its a beautiful idea and I wish I was there to partake. Poverty is a really terrible thing. I mean I went to Capecoast about three weeks ago and I actually stayed up the whole three hour drive so I observed the scenery. A whole bunch of thatched/mud houses and people hawking. I knew that the cost of everything on 5 of their trays couldn't have paid for my trip. I felt quite guilty at that point. They worked their butts off right from when they woke up till when they went to bed all for a few cedis. I couldn't find any justice in that. I don't think I have ever been more thankful for my life(ok dis might be a lie cos I was pretty thankful when I got off a particular aero flight a while back. I thought I was going to die). You understand what I mean tho. I am one of those people that has had it great in life. What right thing did I do that landed me where I was born?? Absolutely nothing. I felt like stopping the bus and just giving them money. I couldn't tho. Sadly.

There is sooooo much poverty around us. What part are you playing in alleviating this?? Ask yourself that today. If your answer is nothing, don't worry you are still alive. Go do something about it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

O_O o_O O_O !!!

For the past three weeks i have been on a major travelling P. First it was to capecoast a small town here in Ghana. I thought my BIS wasn't going to work there so i was really considering not going(yea i luv my bb like dat). I'm glad i went tho. I havent laughed that hard in a really long while. They(University of Capecoast) were having their Miss ISA. A beauty pageant for the International Students association. The event started quite late. Midnight to be precise. I went there all casually dressed just to see babes arrive in err....9inch heels and the like. Apparently it was an awards ceremony as well. Seeing as i really couldnt be bothered, i went in, took my seat and waited for the event to begin. The Pageant girls finally came on stage. My first reaction was O_O followed by o_O and just for good measure, another O_O. Then came the laughter. I thought i was being punked. The girls on stage really couldnt be the pageant girls. What do you know about pot bellies. Chineke!!. While i have nothing against pots or bellies, they shouldn't be in a beauty pageant. Atleast not combined.

Staring at the girls, i could already see the winner. The only fine girl there. She wasnt skinny but i couldnt see any pot or belly anywhere on her plus she had the whole attitude thing going for her. The rest were just on the massive #fail list. Seeing as i'm typing dis from memory, i cant give u a step by step review but rest assured, all the awe achieving moments shall be mentioned. The contestant with the biggest pot belly had absolutely nothing goin for her except err.... her self confidence. She had to have had huge amounts of that to have even entered for the competition. Ironically, thats what she talked about. Self Confidence. She couldnt even speak english correctly n she had a very strong yoruba accent thing going for her. When asked what kind of guy she'll like, she replied "6 pack". Again, i say self confidence.

Another contestant had serious "congi/agro" going for her. She spoke on how we shouldnt abstain from sex and how sex helps her relax. She even added that we shouldnt use condoms cos they kinda marr the experience. I ofcourse was all O_O O_O....i swear i didnt even blink. She also spoiled Rihanna's Rude boy for me. Now everytime i listen to that song, i see her with her legs on a chair trying to gyrate *shudder*. She made it to the top 3 tho smh. ahhhh.... i almost forgot. They asked her who a woman was and she replied someone with boobs. I actually thought she would say a vagina but i guess she chickened out at the last moment. So much for her "agro". The winner wasnt much better upstairs tho. Complete dullard. I have never seen such height of stupidity. She didnt get a single question right. I guess with the lot, her looks took her there. Their choreographys were on the #fail list as well. Being a dancer, all i could do was cringe after every move they made. Dont even get me started on the awards or the winners O_O. They made for some good entertainment tho. I'll give em that. I mean i left there barely able to walk(and i had flats on). Thats how ridiculously funny the whole thing was.

Now i see my school in a whole different light. We ain't no (insert whatever marvelous school you know) but we sure as hell ain't no capecoast either and i thank God for that :)


Arrrrggghhhh!!!! that's exactly how i feel at the moment. i have been trying to write a report for two days now and yet i cant seem to get a break. All i have is the title of the report. As if that isn't enough, i have been sleeping like i was bitten by tse-tse fly these past two days(that must be why i haven't gotten any work done *light bulb moment*). ok i dont really agree with that analysis cos even when i'm awake, i cant seem to think. The only thing my mind seems to want to think about is my future. I honestly do not know what i want to do. That's the reason i want to serve first. I'm hoping the extra one year will give me some perspective n ofcourse i wanna do my service in the one industry i actually enjoy (drumroll)... MUSIC. I cant sing to save my life tho but i sure as hell can listen *silly grin*. I want Silverbird and i hope that works out cos i dont have a plan B. I dont even know what i wanna do there. I'm hoping they can decide [i'm one of those fate people :)n yea i just assumed i got the job(what do you know about faith)]

I am really good at a couple of things. The biggest one being that i am highly persuasive. Just ask my mom. years of practice on her has earned me a blackbelt(insert ninja sound). I can write and i am good at getting people to feel comfortable around me :). now we come to the wahala. what exactly are those skills good for??? Arrrrggghhhh!!!! My mum says i shouldnt worry that it'll come to me and HE says i can be anything i wanna be. So why dont i feel so reassured?? Maybe cos my parents have set such a high standard and i'm scared i wont meet up. i dunno. My dad would probably have heart palcipations if he found out i dont wanna continue engineering after university. Maybe i should just suffer in silence. Afterall the whole engineering future has been plotted out for me. i wont have to do any leg work. but now we come to another thing. I cannot suffer in silence(believe me i try). I always end up voicing my opinion and most times, my opinions dont fit in with the plan and once i detest something, i end up failing. I HATE FAILING.

I have been incredibly happy these past few days tho. Like i'm on another cloud. Only one thing can do that to a girl *silly grin*. i just wish i could sort out this whole "future" business so everything would just be perfect. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!. I have a test on tuesday and i am far from ready. i hate the course so you can guess that all aint going smoothly on that front. The Project we had been working on all semester was finally tested some days back and we got no waveform. That was the height of the disaster. Hopefully we can get everything fixed before May 8th. Arrrrggghhhh!!!. I feel like pulling my hair out now but err....somebody likes long hair *another silly gin*. so i am resorting to punching this keyboard as hard as i can and imagining myself pulling out my hair(my imagination is top notch :p). My bro told me my posts are quite long so i'll just stop here. I need directions tho :(