Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Love(plain and simple)!!!

I'd like to apologise for my absence. I've been writing my exams. I've still got one paper left though but this post has been on my mind for a while now. I know this topic is quite redundant in the sense soooooooo many people have spoken/written stuff on it but that doesn't really matter to me(obviously :p). Ok enough with the small talk :).

I am a hopeless romantic(you have no idea). I'm one of those people that finds it cute when you can complete each others sentences or when you can make decisions for the other person and get it right. Most people I know don't believe in love anymore and I don't really blame them. I am not one of them though(obviously). I love mushy stuff. I love the little things that might not mean anything to the next person. I think I'm very "old school" when it comes to that. I love knowing you'll always be there no matter what. Some might see that as naïve or even impossible. Again i say I'm not one of them. Nobody is perfect. Knowing that is the first step. I listen to people go on and on about what their spouse should look like, how they should behave and so on. Most times I feel like giving them a resounding slap. Wake up!!. Most people have a good thing going but they mess it up cos they are not contented. If you've got someone that loves you for you, what more do you want. You'll be surprised at just how much you can tolerate when love is involved.

Growing old alone is not nice at all. That being said, I don't think I could ever settle for someone just cos I don't wanna grow old alone. If I don't care about you, it just won't work(I'm also a heavy flirt lol). That spark has to be there for me to want to settle down. I get teary eyed when I see old couples acting like they only just met. I always pray that that'll be me someday. I have loved once before. It didn't end well but I won't base my life on that one experience. That won't be fair to me at all and besides the boy was a douche :). I don't understand when people go all "she cheated on me so I can never trust again". That is just bullshit. You hurt no one but yourself. Like Aaliyah said(God rest her soul), "if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again". I think this should be applied to love. Some people are lucky and get it right on the first go but most people aren't as lucky. I think that's what's wrong with our generation. We give up too easily. Its now one night stands, flings, friends with benefits, fuck buddies etc. The list is endless. Even when we are in relationships, one or both of them have something going on the side. What happened to fidelity?? True love?? I don't think many people would recognise that even if it introduced itself as love. I shake my head for my generation. Its either one party knows it but the other is obtuse or both are. Yes it makes you vulnerable but that's why its called taking a chance.

Don't let a good thing pass you by just because you were afraid to take that leap cos when you think about it, the things that are holding you back aren't nearly as important.
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  1. Nice....i was once hurt and i never thought i could love again but then i got over it. That is what people need to learn...getting over things is quite easy once u decide to forgive.
    P.S i would never have thought u to be a hopeless romantic

  2. awww
    i so lurv this one!!
    i love love

  3. Nice one Nono.. LOL at Hopeless romantic.. Go and siddon jare lol :p