Saturday, May 1, 2010

Leave a tattoo!!!

I was drawn to the squeaking sound. I knew I had heard it somewhere before. I could feel that sense of déjà vu. I went to check it out and sure as hunger, there lying on the floor was the culprit. A very cute, pink and blind culprit. (The first and last time I saw it was in my first year in secondary school. I was very into animals that time. I wanted to be a veterinary doctor. A senior student caught me with them and killed them. I think that was my first encounter with cruelty). I felt a tug at my heart strings. I went to my room, got a book, came back and scooped it up. I was about to leave when I heard another squeak. I looked around and sure as hatred, I found another. I picked it up too and placed both on the book. I placed the book on the table nearby and proceeded to play with them. They were so cold and helpless. One kept opening and closing its mouth while the other just lay there silently. Baby rats. They couldn’t be more than a few days old.

I couldn’t help but compare us to the baby rats. When you think about it, we are as defenseless and helpless as they are. Even blind too. We don’t know what lies in our tomorrow. We can only wait for it to come and pray that it holds only bright things for us. Just last week, two girls in my university lost their lives. They were doing the most ordinary of things when this happened. Sitting down. Yes you read right. They were not drunk, doing drugs, speeding, on a boat, on a plane, fighting etc. They were seated on a bench waiting for their friends when the walkway collapsed on them. One lost her life immediately while the other died in the hospital. I am quite sure that when they took that seat, death was the farthest thing on their mind. Infact I’m sure they didn’t think they could be any safer. We all pray that we live to the point where arthritis is eating at our bones and our teeth are falling out. The “three legged” stage.

I could have killed those baby rats(ok I couldn’t but you know what I mean). I think our lives are exactly the same way in the hands of our creator. All we can control is the now. Your actions. What will you be remembered for?? What tattoo will u leave behind?? I really hope it’s not nothing.


  1. *Sigh* I worry so much about what i'll leave behind its become an
    But yea everyone deserves to be remembered for one good thing at least. Nice write up as always Nono :)

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  3. .....but also like blind baby mice, we also have the innate urge to be everywhere, barge blindly into obstacles, and still not be scared of squeaking, of letting the world know we are not afraid to succeed. Isnt it ironic that it is it that is deemed helpless that strives the most to achieve. I hope to leave behind a trail of good,and sweat, I hope to be remembered for being a success. Nice thots Nono....keep it up.

  4. That is why every little thing we do counts. Let us try to leave indelible marks in the lives of people because we want them to remember us as life savers.