Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Right, Wrong or just plain Fate???

I sometimes daydream about the possibilities of alternate worlds. How many they are or if they even exist at all. I find great comfort in thinking there are(don’t ask me why). I think the “you’s” in the different worlds are always competing for dominance in your present life. A case in point would be you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like getting out of bed but you know you should. B you gets up and goes to take a leak. C you gets up and as he is going to the loo he hits his leg. D you doesn’t get up at all but sleeps on and you miss your very important appointment. Now in your present life, you are still trying to decide what to do. The different “you’s” battle it out and C wins. So as you get up to go use the loo, you hit your leg :p. So many different things could have happened but C won. (:p again).

I think this must have happened when Shaheen Jafargholi decided to sing Valerie by Amy winehouse for his Xfactor audition. I’m sure an alternate version of himself was supposed to originally sing who’s loving you by Micheal Jackson but his “Valerie version” won that battle and Valerie it was but here is where things get a little tricky(fate got involved). Although his “Valerie version” won, he was destined to sing who’s loving you eventually so Simon’s alternate sides played a part in his eventual “fate” by making him sing who’s loving you. This singular decision changed his life forever. Fate!!

PS: you would only understand these analogies if you watch Xfactor and have an imagination that’s top notch. Moving on……

I think this is exactly how our everyday life works. When you wake up in the morning, you have loads of different possibilities at your finger tips. How they unfold however is a different matter altogether. Sometimes, no matter what path you take, you get to the same destination while at other times, its either you crash and live to tell the story, crash and burn or make it. Haven’t you ever wondered what would have happened if you hadn’t signed that agreement or gotten on that flight or gotten in that fight?. Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and take all the other options so I know if I chose the right path and maybe err…pat myself on the back(what?? I’ve always wanted to do that without feeling silly :D). I know if we were always right, life would be really boring. No challenges whatsoever(atleast that’s what I think) so I guess the trials and errors are there for a reason. Its only futile if we learn absolutely nothing from them. My prayer is always that my wrong alternate sides win the battle when the situation isn’t that serious so that my right alternate side can win when it really does matter unless of course you are “royally screwed” and they both lead to the same ending i.e Fate comes into play. You’ve still gotta hope that Fate’s on your side innit? :)

Better many a stubbed toe than a fractured leg. (Nono E.)

errrr..........reading this post was FATE ;)


  1. Lmao ya mad! Nd what scares me is I get it...snh

  2. You've got some point there. But as you might have expected, the world will like to think that the other universe does not exist. But like some one once said "i'd rather die believing in God and getting disappointed, than die thinking there is no God but get disappointed". In the second instant, you are in great trouble especially if you didn't conform to the holy book whiles you were on earth.

  3. This is so Noein. You should watch that manga. It's all about parallel universes and quantum physics.

  4. sounds like fringe to me. am i a nerd for understanding?