Monday, May 17, 2010

You owe us an explanation.

I saw a retweet on my timeline about a particular body language song. We all know how much I love music. I of course clicked on the link which took me to the reverbnation page of an artist called Smiley. I had been following her on twitter already but I had no idea she sang. I downloaded the song and I was amazed. I kid you not. I compared her to Nicki Minaj. Again, I kid you not. I was sooo excited that such a talented artist could be a full fledged Nigerian that I wasted no time in sharing her music. We all know how I get when I'm excited about something. Nothing could shut me up. I was all Smiley this and Smiley that. I felt she was a better rapper though. I even included her in my music piece(refer to sounds and lyrics from naija). She slowly warmed her way into her hearts with her quirky humour on the social network twitter. Always abusing her unfollowers. All jokes though.

A few days ago, I got a DM(direct message on twitter) from her about a blog post she wanted me to share. She was apologising to everyone for the misunderstandings about her songs. Apparently she was accused of claiming the cover songs as hers. In this apology, she stated that body language, cry and a couple other songs were all hers. Written, sang and produced by her and based on personal experiences. I felt the apology made no sense because everyone ought to know a cover song from an original one.

This evening, new information came to light which saddens me immensely. I am not one to give into idle gossip and rumours but I believe there is some truth to this. If there weren't, our dear Smiley won't have gone MIA on us. I mean people that risked their reputation for you deserve to hear your part of the story. We are told body language, cry and a couple of other songs which you claimed were yours aren't actually yours. If this is true, your career which hadn't even started has come to an unexpected end. I believe you know this. Why then are you choosing not to speak up? In this case, silence is indeed acceptance. I am extremely disappointed. I see people tweet about how we are all liars and hence should give you a break and I feel like smacking someone. Since when did lying become acceptable? The music industry is a zone of pure hustling. Best believe that. Any and everyone that can hold a note(and some who can't) are trying to make it up there and you come and do this? You disrespect a lot of people. This is bigger than most people understand. So people have a right to be very upset. Very very upset. Friendship even makes it worse. Anyone that has had a friend and been betrayed by them knows how this feels. So when some people tweet about how others are being unfair and not having your back now, I would like to give them directions to the nearest electric pole. You aren't having our backs either. You've gone MIA on us. Where are you??


  1. i actually didn't hear bout her till today...she sounds ril gud rily sucks if its true tho....she rily shouldnt ve gone m.i.a....she owes it 2 those hu stood up 4 ha..

  2. i really feel sad for...cuz i liked her..still like her tho...she just come out nd stop hiding...cuz hiding wnt help aat all