Thursday, May 13, 2010

Please read/You can like to read this o/omo take eye look am.

“chei!! I haff died o. Can u imagine what I saw in faculty?? Com see com sa. Ahhh!!! My eyes don bleed tire. Ahn ahn. One babe like this wore one of em ruffled up blouses and tucked it into a pair of jeggings. I was like ewo!! Yes o she had a pot belly. Me I think say person tell am to do it. Maybe money dey involved. It is not possible for her to have woken up by herself and put that on. Ahhh. Ebami ooo. In my mind I was like she can like to remove the shirt from the jeggings o. then I remembered she cannot read my mind. Lol. As in!! I was just laughing like a fool. I think she knew I was laughing at her sha because she take leg waka with speed pass wey I dey stand. Is the new trend now tucking in to jeggings?? *Yoruba explesive*”

I swear this is what most people I know sound like nowadays. It’s like we have to prove we are polished, razz and agbero all at once. I’m choosing to blame it on a complex. Lol. it’s like if you go with pure unadulterated English, “they” will say “which one is she forming like this?? Are we in yankee??”. If you go with adulterated English, “they” will say “razz much??”. If you go with pidgin + explesives in whichever language of your choice, “they” will say “abgero much??”. Now do u agree with me this is really a complex?? I doubt anybody really says any of these things. There is no “they”. Personally, I really can’t be bothered as long as you excel in whichever direction you are going in. if you go with proper English then I beg of thee, please no gbagauns. Same goes for the other two hehe!!!. I think if people don’t recognize this as a problem, it will soon become a norm and might affect the way we speak at important events. I mean even this text lingua is beginning to mess with my head whenever I type up something. You don’t want to know how many times I have gone back to complete some words already. lol.

In other news, I am now a graduate. *wide grin*. I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL. I want to be one of those people that say “I am doing what I love doing as my job” that’s why I’m taking a leap of faith and digressing completely from what my degree is in. I hope it pays out. *now crossing all my body parts*.


  1. Hey congratulations!!
    Wish you all the very best today and always!

  2. congrats. its indeed a complex Lol.


    Yhu'll definitely go far!

    (it's odd hearing me say this(rather, "reading" me "say" this) since i dnt knw yhu that well)

    buh, i can tell yhu've got amazing potentials...nd yhur future is extremely bright.
    iWish yhu all the best!

    (*phew* what a 'speech'!!)

  4. Tnx a lot guys!!!. LOL @ Maro's comment. Lemme just add Amen to that. Now the speech is complete :)