Saturday, May 8, 2010

White or not, it still is!!!

I hear the term “white lie” a lot and I think its just plain ridiculous. It’s still a lie. I mean what exactly differentiates it from your everyday lie?? Nothing in my opinion. When I was a lot younger I used to ask if it was called white because a white person came up with it. That got me a lot of laughs from my classmates. Funny thing is, none of them knew what a white lie was either. Guess who got the last laugh?? hehe!! Suckers!!. I believe in complete honesty but I find this can be really difficult because people do not let it. Yes you read right. I blame other people for my lack of complete honesty. Let’s look at an example. You go to a club and see your friend’s man hitting on a couple of girls. You think it’s just innocent flirting there is nothing wrong with that right?? Wrong. It progresses from innocent flirting to full on making out. Your natural course of action would be to inform your friend of this atrocity. You call her up the next day and proceed to inform her about the previous evenings happenings. She thanks you on the phone and hangs up. Next day, you run into another friend who questions your motives towards friend A’s husband. You of course are quite confused. New friend proceeds to tell you of how friend A is telling everyone you are trying to take her husband from her. Next time, won’t you just shut your mouth?? Infact you might even offer to buy new cheating husband plus new husband snatcher a drink(ok not likely).

I watch the tv reality singing series called idols and I marvel at some of the people that audition. I keep asking myself if they don’t have family or friends that are there to beg them not to audition for their own self pride. I mean I listen to some people and I wonder how the sound system there succeeded in not making that screeching sound we all hate. I have come to the conclusion that even the sound systems know the screeching noise coming from the “auditioner “is enough. Anymore would just render all of us(the viewers) permanently deaf. You’d think I couldn’t be anymore shocked right?? Wrong again. Apparently the so called family members and friends I was talking about earlier are waiting outside with their fingers crossed waiting for a positive answer. O_O. I would blame it on their being tone deaf but you can’t really expect me to believe all your family members and friends are tone deaf. The only logical answer I can come up with would be the white lie told so as not to hurt your feelings. I mean, its much better you hear it from the judges 'cause believe it or not, we humans don’t do well with being told we are not as good as we think we are.

I have come to the realisation, lies are told by us, for us, to prevent us from getting hurt. A completely selfish motive I know but one we all can’t seem to live without. Sadly.

PS: For those who don’t know, a white lie is an often trivial, diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth and it is often offered in the interests of tact or politeness.

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  1. Ah idols...auditions are always a laugh to watch-it's best to grab a seat and a bowl of popcorn while watching!!