Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Many hour glasses later........

I hate feeling uneasy. Its synonymous with my feeling helpless. That's exactly how I feel at the moment. My passport is missing. :(. The father will have my head when I get back. I really hate being shouted on. I guess I hate a lot of things. Anyways, this post is all about me trying to cheer myself up. I'll letchu know if it worked at the end.

I picture me in a couple of years. I am my own boss(that's if u don't count the husband. Infact count him in too hehe!!). I have a kid and the second is on the way. I'm about 7months ripe with dat one. I look like a freaking elephant(X_X). He tells me everyday I'm beautiful(I know he doesn't lie). If he starts telling me I'm sexy, then he lies :). I won't mind the lie sha. I'll group it under white(refer to white lie post). He doesn't mind my doing things. He let me sit and grow fat when I was pregnant with the first one. He sees that as learning from experience lol. Apparently he is not a big fan of the elephant look. "Baby don't you wanna take a stroll with me??" His way of getting me to excercise. I don't mind though. I love my baby with a zeal you can't imagine. We stroll. I smile.

I forgot to tell you our first baby is a boy. Takes after his father lol. He loves playing with my bulging tummy. Really takes after his father hehe!! The first time the little one kicked, both of them were there. I watched their faces while they watched my belly. I wish I had my camera. My two men. I'm secretly hoping this baby is a girl. I know they will spoil her but that why I'm there innit?? To make sure it doesn't get out of hand. Ok I want to pee now. Brb. Apparently excessive peeing is part of the process. I'm used to that now though.

Ok I'm back. She just kicked. Gimme a second......ok. She's stopped. The doc informed me last week that I might be giving birth on my birthday. I'm sooo excited about that. I doubt she will be when she turns sixteen tho lol. I'll enjoy her childhood while it lasts. I remember when I started getting embarassed by my mum. Sixteen. I'll probably laugh if she ever says "mum ur embarrassing me". Lol. I don't like labour pains but my baby boy is probably the best thing that happened to my husband and I. I'd go through the process over and over again for another bundle of joy. I remember when I told him I was pregnant again. He was so excited lol. We watched our movie. That's all I needed really. To be held by him. Ok I think I have to pee again. I'll be going to find my baby as soon as I'm done. This lady needs some TLC(tender loving care). Deuces.:)

Ok I'm a bit cheered up. :)


  1. Me i hate being shouted AT tho :)

  2. Funny. U shud be cheered up.
    Apparentlty created a vivid mental picture