Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Night With Soundcity!!!

The French Open is going on now but I always miss it because I’m at work till six. Last night, I was lucky enough to catch the last two sets of the Hewitt game but I already knew who was gonna win so no excitement there. I decided to spend my evening watching Nigerian music videos. If I’m gonna go into the industry I might as well familiarise myself with what’s out there no?? I got my dinner and a drink and sat down to watch.

First up was a video which I caught midway and left to do something towards the end so I don’t know who was singing or what the name of the song was but I almost choked on my food. The setting was supposed to be “the hood”. Atleast that’s what it looked like but the members of this hood were missing. Completely empty street. Infact it was like “the hood” after a major gang battle but even then, the curious ones would be out investigating. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed. Next up was the “I love you” video by Psquare. I need to have a long chat with whoever wrote the script for this video. #FAIL. A bunch of models sitting on sofas and blowing us kisses. Infact there was absolutely no creative content. The song is such a good song. I cant understand why the video couldn’t be up to par. Then came “yori yori” by Bracket. At this point I would like to mention the name APE PLANET cracks me up. Really?? Ape planet?? What inspired that?? Lol. While the video was playing, I couldn’t take my eyes off the two girls in the background with the dudes dancing. Were they backup dancers or were they trying to emulate a club scene?? And the drummer dude?? Err…..ok. Next up was “perfect girl” by Cartiar ft Buckwylla. I think Cartiar is a really neat rapper. Again, I felt the video could have had a better storyline. As it was, there was NO storyline. Just a couple of female artists being shown one after the other. I loved the song tho but since we are focusing on the video, I’d have to say it was very forgettable.

Next up was “like this” by Duncan Daniels featuring MI. The video was ok I guess. Compared to the others I had just seen, this was a welcome change. The massive autotuning in the song is another matter completely. As it is, I don’t know if the dude can indeed sing. Then came “ready to go” by Styl Plus. The video was very much like the Run it video by Chris Brown. Infact I felt like I was watching a version of run it that was scrapped by Chris. Especially at the dance battle part lol. Next up was “obi mu o(remix)” by Obiwon and a couple of other artists. I love this song. Video wasn’t bad but the part Obiwon was in the sand kinda felt like an oracle lol. I could just replace the beach scene with a shrine and he’d fit right in. my bro said he was feeling the song too much. I’m bound to agree lol. Nice one tho. I loved the couple at the end. Next was “pincode” by Pincode. I felt something was wrong. Like soundcity took the video of another song and played pincode in the background. One of my best videos of the night. It was true to the concept but sadly in my opinion, it wasn’t right for the song. At this point, I was nodding off. Apparently I was tired. I called it a night.

In other news, I think my phone(Silver) might be gay. I was taking a shower this morning and just when I was about to sponge my bottom, she started playing “Mr Endowed” by Dbanj. I kid you not. The song that was playing initially hadn’t even finished. I should sign her up for councelling or something innit? O well….i cant really punish her for stating the obvious can i?? :)


  1. ok ... waiting to see if u are that endowed oh

  2. LMAO @ ur phone..........i'm officially #dead.....dat phone is gay as hell.....u nid to tk it to a phone psychiatrist. i'm goin to check out all dose videos nw on youtube.

  3. analysis of those videos considering most of them were crappy...u must have summoned a lot of ginger to actually sit and watch them..for that I give u @ APE PLANET just like u I do not understand the inspiration behind that name...altho I havent seen most of the videos u talked bout...would check them out on you tube...but I have seen "I love you" ,"Obi mu o" and "Ready to go"...I agree with u there...especially on the Styl Plus video...Finally roflmao @ silver...she's gone gay?...maybe bisexual...My phone's looking for a new girlfriend and he likes bisexual ones...lmao...All in all...Fantastic Stuff