Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Identity crisis!!!

He roamed the halls with his huge backpack on his very tiny frame. Nerdy glasses threatening to slide off his nose with every step. A dejected look on his face as he passed the girl he had a huge crush on. Sadly, she probably never would acknowledge his existence. He had his little clique. The dorks of his class. What he would give to sit at the cool kids table. What he would give to be noticed by HER. Ironically, the jocks always noticed him. Even when he had his spy mode on, he could never quite slip past their bulky frames. They taunted him. They bullied him. They gave him daily wedges. His butt crack hurt. He hated school. He couldn't bring himself to run away because of her. He worshipped her. He decided to do something about it.

Next day.....

He can't wait to get to school. He can feel it. Today would be the day she finally notices him. He takes great care getting ready for school. He had stolen his dad's aftershave and hair gel the day before. He doesn't use either sparingly. His mum can barely breathe when he comes downstairs. She has never seen him so excited so she doesn't comment on the aftershave and hair gel. She figures it must be a girl. He rushes through breakfast. It's TIME. The car pulls up to the school's parking lot. He gets out. He can't wait. Bye bye "geekdom". Hello "cooldom". He roams the hall. This cannot be happening. Every kid looks like his old self. All sporting identical geek classes. Even her. He feels his contacts begin to itch. Even his dorky friends look like they belong. Everyone stares at him. This cannot be happening. NOOOOOO!!!!. Guess who got the wedgy?? :)


  1. looooooooool!!.. Okay, this is officially ur best work! Too bad for the g33k.. just when he started to conform! hehe
    Ur mind iz serzly on a vewy looong thing!

  2. Haha...he got the wedgy did he.
    Real identity crisis indeed...

  3. lool...nyce!!

    Lmao @"His butt crack hurt" ....lol

  4. lol..poor him,wen he was just about say hello 2 cooldom

  5. LMAO!!! That rite there is what they call bad timing!