Sunday, April 11, 2010

O_O o_O O_O !!!

For the past three weeks i have been on a major travelling P. First it was to capecoast a small town here in Ghana. I thought my BIS wasn't going to work there so i was really considering not going(yea i luv my bb like dat). I'm glad i went tho. I havent laughed that hard in a really long while. They(University of Capecoast) were having their Miss ISA. A beauty pageant for the International Students association. The event started quite late. Midnight to be precise. I went there all casually dressed just to see babes arrive in err....9inch heels and the like. Apparently it was an awards ceremony as well. Seeing as i really couldnt be bothered, i went in, took my seat and waited for the event to begin. The Pageant girls finally came on stage. My first reaction was O_O followed by o_O and just for good measure, another O_O. Then came the laughter. I thought i was being punked. The girls on stage really couldnt be the pageant girls. What do you know about pot bellies. Chineke!!. While i have nothing against pots or bellies, they shouldn't be in a beauty pageant. Atleast not combined.

Staring at the girls, i could already see the winner. The only fine girl there. She wasnt skinny but i couldnt see any pot or belly anywhere on her plus she had the whole attitude thing going for her. The rest were just on the massive #fail list. Seeing as i'm typing dis from memory, i cant give u a step by step review but rest assured, all the awe achieving moments shall be mentioned. The contestant with the biggest pot belly had absolutely nothing goin for her except err.... her self confidence. She had to have had huge amounts of that to have even entered for the competition. Ironically, thats what she talked about. Self Confidence. She couldnt even speak english correctly n she had a very strong yoruba accent thing going for her. When asked what kind of guy she'll like, she replied "6 pack". Again, i say self confidence.

Another contestant had serious "congi/agro" going for her. She spoke on how we shouldnt abstain from sex and how sex helps her relax. She even added that we shouldnt use condoms cos they kinda marr the experience. I ofcourse was all O_O O_O....i swear i didnt even blink. She also spoiled Rihanna's Rude boy for me. Now everytime i listen to that song, i see her with her legs on a chair trying to gyrate *shudder*. She made it to the top 3 tho smh. ahhhh.... i almost forgot. They asked her who a woman was and she replied someone with boobs. I actually thought she would say a vagina but i guess she chickened out at the last moment. So much for her "agro". The winner wasnt much better upstairs tho. Complete dullard. I have never seen such height of stupidity. She didnt get a single question right. I guess with the lot, her looks took her there. Their choreographys were on the #fail list as well. Being a dancer, all i could do was cringe after every move they made. Dont even get me started on the awards or the winners O_O. They made for some good entertainment tho. I'll give em that. I mean i left there barely able to walk(and i had flats on). Thats how ridiculously funny the whole thing was.

Now i see my school in a whole different light. We ain't no (insert whatever marvelous school you know) but we sure as hell ain't no capecoast either and i thank God for that :)


  1. Believe me have been their..u r somethn else sha..lwkmd