Monday, April 19, 2010

Hi!!! My name is Anonymous.

Sex, drugs and liquor. The common culprits. You can't mention addiction without these three showing their ugly heads(ok maybe not so ugly when is concerned). I'm sure if they were human beings, they'll be those guys that get invited to all parties. The popular kids in school. All the girls want to date them and all the dudes want to be their friends(except the gay ones ofcourse. Those ones have a whole different agenda if you know what I mean). Liquor would probably date Blackberry and Drugs would date Twitter. Sex would be the gigolo(pun very intended). Liquor would probably bully the dorky kids and yet the kids would speak fondly of him while Drugs would get a copy of the test answers and use it to cheat right infront of the teacher and all he'd receive would be a pat on the back and a wide smile. Sex ofcourse would do what he's used to. Putting dreamy smiles on the faces of the ladies and the "ladies". They'll all know he's rotating them but do they care?? NO.

Now one might say that although the main culprits are sex, drugs and liquor, there are a lot more vices out there. I agree completely. Infact they happen to attend the same school and are all not bad. Some addictions are actually quite helpful. Like the blackberry(She only gets destructive when she is around liquor), Dancing, Music etc. Dancing and Music are quite the characters though. They are very loud and like being the centre of attention. They mean no harm though and most times they cause no harm but as we all know, shit happens.

Ok let's step out of school for a bit. In life, everybody has an addiction. Whether u choose to admit it or not, you have one. The important thing is that you make sure yours isn't a detriment to you. If you think even for a slight second it is, seek help immediately. Ok recess over. Back to school guys!!

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