Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's right infront of you!!!

She said "we have motherless babies here in Nigeria so you better bring back those clothes". I ofcourse was quite baffled. I didn't and still don't get what the difference is. I had a couple(make that 2 boxes) of clothes I wasn't using and wanted to give out. I told my mum about it and she told me to bring the clothes back home so I give em to the needy in Nigeria. Does it really matter where the people you are helping are located?? I think not. Giving is giving. One might argue that its better to take care of the weeds in your garden before going to weed someone else's. While I agree with that analogy, my garden at that point happened to be in Ghana cos that's where I was and still am for that matter. Paying for excess luggage to aero wasn't on any list of mine so I went ahead and gave the clothes to the needy in Ghana. Mum was quite upset.

I happen to have a soft spot for kids that beg. I dunno wassup with that tho. They get me every time. By they, I mean all em Liberian kids that beg from car to car while in traffic or infront of churches. A particular kid that has her station on th road to my dad's hospital got wind of my "disability" and played that on me. Atleast that's the only explanation I can give myself. I mean this kid is there EVERYTIME. Once she spots me, she leaves whichever car she was begging from and runs to ours. At a point even Pops told me to stop looking out the window when we pass that place. All the girl has to do is smile and I'm emptying my wallet. Kai. I am probably now her maga. Smh @ myself.

Everyone needs to checkout tho. Its something a couple of twitter users came up with. Its basically about giving to the needy in Lagos and Abuja. I think its a beautiful idea and I wish I was there to partake. Poverty is a really terrible thing. I mean I went to Capecoast about three weeks ago and I actually stayed up the whole three hour drive so I observed the scenery. A whole bunch of thatched/mud houses and people hawking. I knew that the cost of everything on 5 of their trays couldn't have paid for my trip. I felt quite guilty at that point. They worked their butts off right from when they woke up till when they went to bed all for a few cedis. I couldn't find any justice in that. I don't think I have ever been more thankful for my life(ok dis might be a lie cos I was pretty thankful when I got off a particular aero flight a while back. I thought I was going to die). You understand what I mean tho. I am one of those people that has had it great in life. What right thing did I do that landed me where I was born?? Absolutely nothing. I felt like stopping the bus and just giving them money. I couldn't tho. Sadly.

There is sooooo much poverty around us. What part are you playing in alleviating this?? Ask yourself that today. If your answer is nothing, don't worry you are still alive. Go do something about it.


  1. beautiful! LOL @ maga!! haha..
    I'll definitely check out the tweet4charity thingy.. i agree its a heck of a good idea!!

  2. Nothing like charity...helping the needy in society. Good post!

  3. I have that problem as wellll!!!! O gash as in i can be broke but those children...kai my heart aches! When i was a kid and i dreamt i would have lots of money my plan was to make a house for homeless kids...i hope i still get to do that...
    Thanks for reminding me...wanted to put the tweet4charity addy on my blog as well! God bless us all :)