Friday, March 19, 2010

And it "tries" to creep.

I'm sure you are wondering what Nono is talking about this time. I would have suggested you guess(i love guessing games especially when you are the one doing the guessing :p). o well.....even my very random mind cant come up with a good way to guess on a blog sooo....moving on.

The very first time i saw this creature, ............................................................ (i dont remember *sheepish grin*). My earliest recollection of this creature would have to be when i was in my 5th year in primary school. It was at night and i think i had just wished my dad a good night and was heading to my room when i heard screams coming from my room. i ofcourse ran there and pushed the door wide open(today, i would have been more subtle{blame CSI}. Infact i might even have gone running in the opposite direction{blame horror movies}). I found my mum on my bed doing some matrix stuvz(as in Keanu Reeves{Neo} had nothing on her). She was screaming at me to go get my dad. I on the other hand, was trying really hard to see what was making my mum scream. Spotted...Ugly assed flying creature. I didnt have to go get dad cos apparently he had heard mum screaming all the way from their room. He laughed so hard and then killed the Ugly thing. Mum cldnt get out of my room fast enough and i after confirming it was dead and being swept out, went to beg my baby bro to come sleep with me in my room. That day marked the beginning of my many encounters with the mofo.

I grew up n with that, did my creature killing abilities. Now i am proud to say i am an expert. All thats left is for me to chant "die mutherfucker die" whenever i'm killing the thing[ok i said that once :)]. I watch Fear Factor sometimes and i see how people get into tanks and they pour the ish all over them and at the end of the day, they go on to lose the final challenge and hence the money. like what the fuck!!!.....If i were to get into a tank with the mofos and make it out in one piece, that last task shall be MINE *evil grin*. Ahn just cannot end up being in vain. But then, i dont think any amount of money in the world will make me get into a tank and you pour "them" on me(ok i might be lying here but since i dont know if i'm lying, neither can you :p).

I'm sure you are wondering what inspired this post right?, well when we(my housemates n i) first moved into our crib, "they" were just everywhere. I ofcourse couldnt stand "them" so i called the landlord and he sent the fumigation people over. Talk about death in masses lol.......well since then, we hardly see them around. That was until my room got flooded(refer to IMPROMPTU) some days back. Now they are back. But this time they hardly make it into my room alive[talk about death by flooding :)]. Those that do, get killed by my Airconditioner lol. Those that do manage to survive the brutalities(water and AC), get killed by yours truly :). One time, i slept and i dreamt(that hardly happens). I dont remember what the dream was about exactly, but i do remember that as i was about to kill "it", i woke up. You can guess that wasn't a good day. I was pissed throughout. Thats the only one that has ever gotten away :). Incredible record, i know. Maybe i should think about going into the extermination business....hmmm....nope....i prefer it as a hobby.

ok so have you guessed what i'm talking about yet?? (input your answer as a comment)...see...I found a way to make you guess afterall :).