Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Sugar Please!!!

I ate an egg this morning. It was soooo bitter. At first, I thought it was my mouth at fault seeing as I had never had a bitter egg before. I drank some water. Nothing. I bit into the egg again. Bitter. Got me thinking.........was th chick that was supposed to be hatched from the egg ugly or wicked?? Had to be one of them. Only "logical" explanation I could come up with. I mean maybe the chick would have grown up to be the one leading his friends across the road just when that lorry was about to pass. This again got me thinking.......if humans were to be devoured by a higher being, how exactly would we taste?? Sweet, sour, bitter?? Would he have to ask for more sugar??

Bitter of course would mean you are ugly. Now does it matter if its physical ugliness or internal?? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" as my friend keeps saying, was coined by an ugly person. Now while this is up for argument, I believe there is a species of ugliness that is universal. Whether your eye is blue, hazel, black, big, tiny, blind, you will see the same thing. I digress tho.....personally, I couldn't care less. Some people pack so much beauty products on themselves, they defeat the "beauty" purpose. Coming out looking like karashika with black lipstick and green eyeliner with soooo much blush, I believe you've forgotten you are black. Again, I digress. I'm more concerned with internal ugliness. Some people are sooo wicked, its unbelievable. Now I'm sure if u fall in this category, your inside is metaphorically orange(I couldn't say black na...my best colour :p). How do you perform a despicable act and live with yourself. Where is your conscience?? You order a hit on someone because you are scared you might lose the election to that fellow. You scam an honest fellow out of his hard earned money. You steal and blame someone else for it and this someone else goes to jail for you. I could go on but then this post would never end.

They say, ninety nine days for the thief, one day for the owner. I don't believe in that saying sha. What if you die before your one day comes?? I think the one above should pour a bucket of conscience on this world. The change has to start with us. The so called better future we are making so much noise about would not happen if we do not consciously work at it. Like BankyW said in "why", its up to you and I. What are you doing??


  1. just so you know. people react to thier surroundings.
    the politican probably ordered a hit,on someone who had tried the same tactic and failed.

    the swindler can only take the persons hard earned money if they are greedy. i mean really.. all u have to do is provide a cheacking account and you'll get 1% of 500million USD. who born the maga??

    and oh stealing comes with lying... if there is some1 else to take the fall. he shouldnt have been in that company in the 1st place. that was probably his one day..

    and people can live with this knowing that, they have dependants to look after, younger ones to send to school, sick mothers and what not.

    anyways this isnt a justification of wickedness o. im just saying..

  2. I am still not past the fact that you had a bitter egg...like serrsli that is an anomaly rite there! Haba!
    As 4 wickedness...just keep it away from your own heart as long as you can with Gods help cuz no matter what it shall still exist...sadly...

  3. Its hard to understand how people can be so wicked really. Could be up-bringing maybe bad experiences...who knows. I believe everyone has some good in them though.

    About change; It'll take a whole lot for us(Nigerians) to change.
    A complete overhaul of our thought process will be a good first step.
    We need to re-evaluate our priorities, doff the inflated perception we have of ourselves and care (actually care) a little bit about the welfare of others.

    Onto more important issues.
    Theres no such thing as bitter eggs. Poor egg-making skills on the other hand does exist. lol #justsaying

  4. first of all, i totally agree with Mr Wiseone; there's no such thing as bitter Eggs. just admit you've got poor egg-making skills..lol.. Anyways, one can't completely rid the world of wickedness. Wickedness has been imprinted in the DNA of some people. Nothing can be done about it. you just have to pray that you never come in contact with such people.

    PS: i love that Habba song. it's so nice. Beazy's rap is actually very good in the song. Chykay's voice is so nice. (in Madea's voice) Damn, that boy can SANG!!! (yes it's sang not sing)