Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Thankyous!!!

It's JULY whoop!!!!
For you all wondering whats so exciting about July, wonder no more. It's yours truly's birth month. i have decided to put up a post(or more) every single day of this lovely month(all of you asking why i didn't blog more in June can stop asking now. I just told you why).

I have cause to be grateful for a lot of things this year. I closed one chapter of my life not too long ago and i'm about to begin another. My age this year is one of those landmark ages lol. Since i stopped associating birthdays with getting older, i can now be excited when one of em comes around :). I would like to thank all the people responsible in their own little way for my being able to count myself amongst the breathing ones today. I would count backwards that is from the most recent to the oldest i can remember.

I would like to thank the chefs at Barcelos for making the snacks which i bought yesterday. Yes it wasn't even close to the best pastry i had ever had. Infact it wasn't even good but it did it's job and held my tummy till i could get home and have a more suitable meal.

I would like to thank the people that risked their lives to invent and test the airplane to make sure it was relatively safe and could take us to our destination without any unknown combustion mid-air. I would also like to thank all the pilots that have ever flown me(i mean i was in the air 6 times last month alone). I would like to thank them for paying attention during flight school(or whatever it's called).

I would like to thank the government of the republic of Ghana for having a relatively safe country. I travelled at night so many times and i always got to my destination without any mishap. I would also like to thank the drivers for of course not dozing off during the journey.

I would like to thank the pharmaceutical industry for all the drugs i have ever taken while ill. I am not sick right now so they obviously worked :)

I would like to thank the maids at every building i have ever been inside that had tiles on the floor. Thanks for mopping up all those spills. Without you, i probably would have slipped and smacked my head hard and not woken up.

I would like to thank all the engineers and workmen that contributed in making the different buildings i have been in strong enough not to collapse on my puny self. Thanks for taking your jobs seriously.

I would like to thank my mother for not telling my father "NO" or forming any nonsense on the beautiful night i was conceived :)

Finally, i would like to thank God above for creating me and all these people that helped in their little way in not killing me before my time. Baba you are too much o.

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