Saturday, July 3, 2010

My day in the City of David!!!

So today was a day for the books mehn!!!! I've been out of the house for roughly about sixteen hours. Today happened to be the graduation day for the 2010 class of covenant university. To say people turned up in style would be an understatement. Contrary to the beliefs of my friends, there was little or no traffic going to the school. The mother of all traffics showed her face in the return leg of the journey. Ok I'm jumping a lot of hours here. Let's go back to the beginning.

I would like to say here that if and when I do get a car in this town(Lagos), it shall be accompanied by a driver. Yours truly refuses to be the cause of anyone's untimely demise. People drive in this town like they are on cheap crack. Ahn ahn!!!. No one obeys the rules, everyone thinks its their turn to pass. I had to applaud my uncles driving skills on the way to and back from the school mehn!! He was apparently also on the cheap coke going around :). We left the house roughly around 7am and we were in the school by 9am. The event took place in the canaan land chapel. HUGE it was. Like Damn!!!!. Infact I doubt that building has ever been filled up to capacity. I tried to locate my cousin but of course that was an impossible feat. We sat down.

Skip all the speeches, songs and formality and let's get right to the presentation of the degrees.

It was an oestrogen fest. I kid you not. The boys were nowhere to be found mehn!! They called out only the first class students from each department and they were to represent their colleagues. Oestrogen, oestrogen, oestrogen(X20), testosterone, oestrogen, oestrogen(and the cycle repeats itself). At a point I thought I was in an all girls school. My cousin is a dude so I immediately dispelled the notion but it was bad sha. The best graduating student was a babe(of course) with a GPA of 4.99. I am still shocked with that result. That is NOT possible in my school. Infact they might even expel you on suspicions of exam malpractice lol. That's like a 99.8 average in my school's lingua. Again, IMPOSSIBLE. I think it's mostly due to how the results are calculated in my end. I was so proud of her despite not knowing her. I clapped and clapped and whistled and shouted when she was called out. Is it beans?? Damn!!. The next shock was some babe's hair which I am still arguing isn't real. Hair was WHITE and LONG. Granted she's an albino but still. DAMN!!!. She let it down for the ceremony. It was hard to miss sha lol. Made me miss my once quite long locks.

Skip the school's anthem, national anthem, closing formalities plus picture taking process.

We are back in the car heading towards my cousin's canopy. Apparently that's where we were to have our refreshments. My bladder was on burst mode. I had been "dancing" since. There was now traffic from the chapel to his hall. We were lucky to be out of the traffic in about forty five minutes. My aunt and brothers were in it for about three hours. It was just ridiculous. Everybody came for the graduation and I mean everybody. Telling you the laundry guy was there should give you an idea of what I mean. We used four cars. I of course ran to use their cafeteria toilet as soon as I was out of the car. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Is all. Moving was in abundance obviously and we had a great time. I even met one of my twitter friends for the first time *grin*. I could tell my cousin was quite uncomfortable with the large turnout. I know I would have been.

We were finally ready to leave. We dispensed with all the hugs and goodbyes and bid the city of David bye bye. At this point, I would like to thank my twitfam. Although I missed the match(Ghana vs Uruguay), I didn't miss the match. Y'all rock!!!. We didn't get home for another five hours.

Traffic is a Binsh!!!


  1. LOL!!
    Interesting!..i heard about the number of graduating students who had a first class mayne i was surprised!!..hehe

  2. mehn, d match pained me o....if u'd wtched it, u wuld ve cried for ws so sad...infact, i will try & erase dt match frm my head......beta get used to lagos o..if u get 2 live in lagos, i advice u to plan things with +2 G.M.T...hehehheehe