Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The silent Companion!!!

So today I was talking with my dad and I complained about my wrist. You see its been hurting
recently and my brother thinks its 'cause I never drop my blackberry. Anyways, I told my dad
about what my brother thought and he said "I'm sure that's the reason. You people now treat
your phones like companions".

As usual, I have given this sentence much thought. Are our phones now replacing our friends
in our lives?? I mean they can do practically everything. Yes I have conversations with my
phone and her name is Silver. Some of you that follow my blog already know this. I mean if
anything were to happen to my phone, I'd be completely devastated. Many people call this the
blackberry fever but I beg to differ. I have many friends that use nokias and they don't drop
their phones either lol.

Today's technology is so evolved that with the right devices, you can practically make your
money without having to leave the comforts of your home. Thank God for delivery services(for
dudes and the lazy girls). Bye bye to starvation. Bye bye to laundry. Bye bye to agro(ok I kid)
but some of you err...have your "agro reliever" delivered lol.

I wonder what it must have been like for our parents back in the day when they had to wait
for telegrams and had to do everything themselves. Granted communication was much more
difficult then but I believe u can't miss what you don't know exists. If they took any of us in
this generation back there, I can guarantee the fellow will most definitely contemplate suicide

Yes my phone is my companion and I'd only trade her in for a more recent model :p.


  1. i agreee with uu ma phone is way closer to me dan some of ma friends...hehe still thinking of a name to give her sha :D

  2. Haha! The last 3 people I was with (in the presence of) told me they haven't seen anyone as addicted as I am to my bb. I won't deny it.. I'm addicted. With good reason. This phone is my connection to the world. I don't think its replacing our friends.. It helps us stay connected to friends (bbm) and make new ones (twitter). :)

  3. I'm talking specifically about my . Until my BIS xpired, that's when I realized I've got a phone book. I've got only 90contacts on ma bbm but over 362contacts in my phone book. My  has totally caused me 2 neglect a lot of pips xcept its an emergency..
    If I aint got airtime, I aint bothered as far as my BIS is active. I can say, our ☎s r now our number 1 companion.

  4. LoL was thinking the same thing on Monday as well...smh