Friday, July 9, 2010

The question with many yet no answer!!!

Today's post was gonna be all humorous 'cause I felt my posts were getting a bit too serious but then I had the fortune(or misfortune for those of you in need of a good laugh) of watching a movie this evening that changed everything.

What exactly qualifies you to be trusted? The movie was about a little tribe in Kenya. The tribe's ruler's son was really good in basketball and a coach in a school in the states watched a video sent to them about some priest and spotted the boy in the background so he decided to travel to Kenya and recruit the boy. Obviously, the boy's father wanted no part in what the coach was saying. Firstly, his son was next in line to rule his people and secondly, he did not trust him. Long and short of the story is the coach had to work for the trust of ruler. You know how these comedies go. It all ended happily ever after.

Now I don't think real life is like that at all. What kind of work do you want to do that will convince my dad to trust you with my life?? I can tell u now, Nothing. With all the negativity and happenings in the world today, how do people even get trusted. I used to live by the rule trust until proven otherwise but I've come to realise that is just a lot of bull. What if you do not live to learn from the experience?? No matter your qualification or intelligence, you cannot understand the human mind. Its unpredictability is just way up there on the scale mehn!!. My granddad says we humans have the tongue of a serpent. When someone wants something froim you, the stories become sweet and the promises bountiful.

Now I am well aware that if everyone lived by this trust no one concept, the world will just be a worse off place with everyone thinking everyone is the enemy. No matter what people say, there are a bunch of people they trust. I mean if you didn't trust him would you go by yourself to visit him, would you share a meal with her even though you weren't there when it was prepared, would you give him your atm card's pin so he helps you withdraw some money?? NO. So when people go "I trust only myself" I just smile. Keep on deceiving yourself. Of course we've got to be really careful in everything we do but we shouldn't completely block out the world. A life of solitude isn't interesting at all. Atleast I don't think it is.

I know someone will say "I trusted him and he raped me". Well these things happen. I honestly don't know what to say to that. You should have been more careful?? I think we should just pray that the people we decide to trust are not the ones we shouldn't. I mean, when you put up your location on twitter, In some way you are trusting the people there 'cause anyone could see that and mobilise his crew and you get robbed or even worse, molested. I think why many girls have decided to be single is 'cause of this whole trust issue too. In fact why many people don't want to get married all boils down to trust. I mean look at Tiger Woods. You'd think that with all the money he stood to lose, you could atleast trust him to keep his ish in his pants. Nope. I even know someone that in his bid to get girls to sleep with him, he makes them think he trusts them by telling them little truths here and there(truths that are meant to be secrets) so they feel it's ok to trust him too.

The stories we hear don't help at all and at the end of the day, we are left right where we started. Do we take that chance and hope it won't come back to bite us in the rear end?? What exactly qualifies you to be trusted??


  1. Like you wrote we can only pray to trust the right people n we should trust with caution...

  2. Interesting question...cos everyone in their own opinion wud feel they can be trusted but not everyone is trustworthy...I dont hv an answer to d question yet sha...wud get back to u :D

  3. Yes humans are extremely unpredictable.
    we however can trust some more than others and with these few, I choose to take the risk.
    Its life, we live and learn.

    What qualifies you to be trusted?
    -completely selfless acts (assuming those indeed exist)
    -putting exceedingly high priority on the well-being of the "truster" at ALL times

    Just made those up and I'm certain very few can satisfy the above criteria