Monday, July 5, 2010

There is a reason!!!

I was woken up by the splitter splatter of rain and a very heavy one at that. I knew I was going to go to church even if the rain turned to hailstones so I just smiled. I think the Devil got my drift 'cause the rain subsided after a bit. I am seriously lacking in my spiritual life and I blame a lot of other factors for this which is just wrong. I'm ONLY(despite popular belief :p) human so you know I am genetically wound not to blame myself :).

The pastor's topic for us was "The place". He told us that we all have that place from which we will be heavily favoured(Trust me to start imagining a dude moving from place to place. Once he gets to the new place, he looks up in the sky patiently waiting for gold to drop down. When it doesn't, he crosses that place off his list and moves to the next potential spot. Smh @ myself). What the pastor was trying to say was that places are important in the lives of people. He proceeded to explain to us with a story. He told us that back in the day in Lagos, his family(wife and himself) needed to move house so he went house hunting. He saw a place in Ikeja which he liked and then he met someone who told him about another house somewhere(I forget the location). He was taken to this new house but he didn't like it as much as the Ikeja place but as he walked into the compound, God said to him "this is the place". He of course obeyed his father despite that not being where he would have liked to live.

After a few months, that friend that showed him his current house asked him if he didn't want to be a landlord in this Lagos(as if its by mouth). He told the dude he was financially incapable of that at the moment. His friend told him there was a piece of land he might be interested in. Out of curiosity, he decided to go see the land. The road to the plot was terrible to say the least and the place was quite far. He wasn't impressed and he returned. Ironically, his current landlord was the owner of the land and between the landlord and his friend, he was pressured into buying the land. The landlord agreed to release the land for him regardless of if he had the complete money. He could pay up his balance at his convenience. The landlord's wife with his friend now proceed to draw up a plan and get him to approve it then they started construction on the land without any of the man's money being involved. The landlady footed the bills. He got favoured that year and business was good so he was able to complete his payment on the land and even give back to the landlady the money she had spent in the construction of his house. His point was that if he hadn't listened and gone for the house in Ikeja, all these good things won't have happened to him.

Again, trust me to still be skeptic. I was of the opinion that he doesn't know what would have happened at the Ikeja house. He might have been favoured even more but we will never know. I am not of this opinion anymore because of the events that took place at home after church. I was watching mtvbase trying to be up to date in my knowledge of the music videos that were out when my cousin comes and changes the channel without so much as an excuse me all because she wanted to watch Moments with Mo. I got quite upset with her but then something Mo said caught my attention. It was as if she made that particular episode for me. The reasons I was upset yesterday were what she was talking about. It was extremely weird. Even my cousin was like if she hadn't changed the channel, I would have missed it completely. I was deeply touched to say the least and I have decided to pursue that particular dream of mine. My point is, while my pastor called it finding your place, I am choosing to say "Nothing is random". If he hadn't picked that particular house, everything that happened after won't have taken place and if my cousin hadn't changed the channel, I would have missed out on a potentially life changing episode. Everything occurs for a reason. We might not know exactly what that is, but its only a matter of time before we do. Don't lose hope.

PS: I typed up an initial post but I slept off while doing so. When I woke up, I mistakenly pressed the return button on my blackberry and that post was gone. I was very upset at the time but now I realise that wasn't a random act. You just weren't supposed to read it. Frankly, I think this version is much better :).


  1. Lool. there really is a reason for everything... only if people would be patient enuff to understand that.

  2. Oh paaahlleeeeaaassseeee!

    Nono pls! So now you're seeing portraits of Jesus in the frying pan and the clouds floating by?



    Ok so that was the Cynic... Hmmn Let me just hang my tongue out to dry on this one...

  3. i like to say, 'as the Spirit leads' and it gets me looks when i say this, but hey!
    nothing is wasted!
    Thank you Jesus!

  4. Practically every good thing appears in one form of disguise or the other.
    We just need to ask the Spirit to help us make the right decisions...nd of course, be at the right 'Place' at the right time!


  5. kai, my life....nono, r u d one preaching???...mehn, i nid 2 find d nearest church for thanksgiving

  6. Nice one.... Guess we weren't meant to read the first one then.

    There was this time, back in school, was supposed to go somewhere with a classmate, and I was delaying. While he was waiting (and trying to hurry me up), a bird pooped on his head.

    He was now vexing, saying that I caused it, cos if we had gone since, then the bird wouldn't have pooped on his head.

    I was now trying to explain how destiny and kismet works, that what will be will be. Told him that if we had left earlier, the bird would have come earlier and still pooped on his head.

    Omo, na im the boy begin vex big time oh, say how I go talk say na im destiny for sh!t to dey drop for him head.

    Laff scatter me....

  7. funny how my pastor preached about GOD taking you to #thatplace HE specially designed for you too!! gweat write up, hun

  8. its just funny how the gospel was based on the same topic in my church too!!

  9. funny how this was exactly what my pastor preached about on sunday!!

  10. funny how my this was exactly the same preaching in mah church on sunday :)