Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love in it's purest form!!!

I said i wasn't gonna comment on the events of yesterday concerning a leaked nude photo of a Nigerian artist but as i was about to start typing this post, my friend put a cd in the player and the next thing i heard was "its Wande Coal.....mohits!!". I'm taking that as a sign lol. So here are my 2cents on the matter. He sould fire his publicist. I mean if as a publicist you cannot lie like your life fucking depends on it, then you don't deserve the job. That is all. Moving on..............

I was watching a movie last night and the following conversation took place between two men and a little boy

Adult 1: I want some peace and quiet
Adult 2: Well I'll be quiet
Child:     and I'll be peace(giggles).

I thought this was soooooo cute. what?? sue me jo. i swear i grinned for like 10mins or more lol. Got me thinking(i'm sure one of you just went "here we go again" lol). As i was saying, got me thinking (:p), why is it some babies are born so cute and adorable while others have got absolutely nothing going for them. Is it that the "unfortunate" ones cheated in the race of the sperms. Maybe they were the ones that were trying to trip the other sperms or tied tails together so the other sperms kept tripping and for every naughty deed they did, they ugliness rate increased lol. Think about it. I can just imagine how the poor egg must have felt seeing the very ugly but determined sperm rushing towards her. While on this train of thought i also imagined what exactly made some kids so troublesome. I decided it had absolutely nothing to do with the sperms. I have not decided who to blame for that yet. You will know as soon as i know *silly grin*.

Anyways, shoutout to those mothers that don't out of fright drop their baby at first glance and furthermore accept the fact that they'll be looking at that face till they die(if eveything goes acording to plan) with a huge smile. Bigger shoutout to those that don't switch their kid with the adorable baby in the next crib when they feel none of the nurses are looking. Biggest shoutout to the ones that dont pack up their umbilical cord with their baggage and flee the hospital in the dead of the night. That is love jo. What???


  1. Nono has started again.. Lol

  2. You'll probably be murdered by the mo'hits crew some day...

  3. I swear ehn....when i saw my fotos as a new born i saw my parental unit in a new take such from the hospital with u first child or not....takes a whole lot!!! I totally get what you are on about...LoL