Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her name is Eva!!!

So I'm in one of my OD'ing moods today. I think I may have just abused a song hehe!! Abused
in a good way(I'm not into all those shady somethngs *side eye*). The song in question is by a
young Nigerian female emcee named Eva. Full name, Eva Alordiah and the title of the song is "
I stay". Now I'll have to warn you. You might download the song and go "mscheww is that it??".
If that is your reaction, well na 4 ur pocket be that. Hehe!! Ok on a more serious note, I
obviously don't expect everyone to like the song. I mean if you love british music you should
love this song. Its quite similar to something Dj Ironik did. Ok here goes nothing http://
tinyurl.com/2w7a6fq. I'll post links to two other songs of hers as we go along.

After listening to the song, I just had to ask her who made the instrumental used and what
inspired the song. She said:
"I stay- the instrumental- is a song done by Yanni- "One man's Dream" off his Live at the
Acropolis album. I was listening to d song and it connected wiv me in different ways. I decided
to put down words to how I was feeling at that time and I rapped over the song. It was done in
2hours- my fastest yet!".
Goes to prove in my opinion that you don't have to hibernate and carry out 30 day rituals for a
song before it sounds good. I loved the fact she was very audible and her songs didn't sound
amateurish like most of the "rap hits"(if your body scratches you here, then I'm referring to
you :p) we see from Naija today. I'm expecting great things from this female emcee and I guess
only time will tell. Nono has stamped her seal of approval(you are of course entitled to your
Below are the links to two of her songs;

Relentless: http://tinyurl.com/38kwry7
Tonight(Dagrin Tribute): http://tinyurl.com/2w4lpjr

Download and Enjoy!!

PS: Yes I know this post is very informal. News flash!! It eees my blog!! Hehehe!! Cheers!! :p


  1. I luv Eva, she's my best Naija female rapper, she's really good

  2. I stumbled on these links yesterday and rolled my eyes...but now, ama go back to where I found em yesterday...I'm not downloading from here :p... Hope u"re ryt tho..

  3. never played any of her songs until today and i really liked it :)

  4. Now downloading... Wld get back.