Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its really a jonzing world.

So for some days now there has been much hype on my timeline about some song called jonzing world. By now, I've been let down so much by all the hype publicists do for their artists that I didn't even get my hopes up but yesterday, the song was released and people not on my timeline were tweeting "the song is a jam", "I've got it on repeat" etc and I was of course seeing it on my timeline 'cause some of their publicists whom I follow were of course retweeting the praises. Oya now yours truly requests for the link to the song and a lovely someborri sends the song to me.

I listen.

I repeat 'cause there had to be some mistake somewhere

I'm in awe.

I now imagine the taste of shit that must be on a lot of tongues.

I contemplate writing this piece but I decide not to.

I woke up this morning to a mail from buzzletter the truspot magazine and the heading for their mail was:

"D'Prince premieres "Jonzing World" with Jesse Jagz and WizKid"

and I'm like this has got to be interesting. The first line in the publication reads "There is no reason why this song should not be one of the best collaborations of 2010......." I could go no further. Hold up. WTF!!! Are these people kidding me?? Have they listened to the song?? Its one thing to say you like the song(I mean who am I to mess with YOUR opinion) and its another thing to put best collaboration in a piece on the song. Are u on cheap crack?? Do you know what it means to be the best?? Infact I haven't read such blasphemy in a long while. Do you know why we call Tupac the best at what he did?? Do you think it had anything to do with the instrumentals he worked on?? I know a lot of people who don't care about what you say in a song as long as they can nod their heads to it. Now those people would never write a piece on a song 'cause frankly, all they listen to are the beats used. For you to make such a statement, you must have analyzed the song and gone like DAMN!! these people can "spit" mehn!!. I assure you if that was your reaction to this song, you need to go check yourself into the nearest psych ward for immediate evaluation. Don't worry I shall go through the pains of delivering the complete lyrics to this song for your impartial judgement. I'm in serious awe sha. What won't people publish so they get on the good side of these artists?? When I say Psquare's videos are terrible, some people say "why are you hating, can u compare their videos to the other crappy videos out of Naija??". If only they knew how much I loved Psquare. You can't send your son to a school where in his class there are only two Nigerians and 'cause he came last but one and the other Nigerian came last, you say he did good. That's just bullshit.
Ok here are the lyrics to Jonzing world. My people help me and read and decide if this song deserves to be put anywhere near the word "best".

They wan jonze o(4X)
(Somethng in yoruba) omoba abi they wan jonze o
Who no know me omoba abi they wan jonze o
Who am I who am I who not Indiana Jones o
Prince is here, omoba abi they wan jonze o
Its a Jonzing world(8X)

Jesse Jags:
If I kolombi ur sister she follow me on twitter
Original babysitter she wan use me play gita
I told her I know the Prince eh and Mr Wiz eh
My name is Jargo, baby you know I'm too bad o
She acting Mercy Johnson, Jessy is just jonking
I got the magic Johnson, who am I Micheal Johnson
She said I know my brother she don chop my burger
Jonzing she wan stop my flowing
Yankee my glo is roaming


Mmmm...I'm jonzing(2X)
Everyday anyday I'm jonzing
Its weezy baby I'm jonzing
Mmmm....ur girl see how my face looks
Then she ask me on facebook
I give her my pin then I ping her
Then she follow me on twitter
Mmmm...wizyzy deh and jessyjety deh
Plus D'Prince is here so follow me go baby no delay
Come let me do chocolaty
Keep them boys on a waiting
Dem just gonna be hating
'Cause of ur figure eight


Welcome to my world are you into cartoons
It is colourful and bright like we live in the moon
Its a jonzing occupation
You feeling the formation
Wizy, jags and omoba we be like animation
Eh please please please please
Just dey jonze eyo
Wizzy wizzy and Jesse Jags eyo
Mohits Emeazzy
The prince of effizy
And chocolate city
You no say e no easy

Chorus till end.

Now do you see what I mean?? The instrumental on this song is just off the hook n gets u nodding but lyrically, its just effed up so to call it one of the best collaborations of 2010 must mean you are on that high grade kush.


  1. Jisos not even 1 meaningful complete sentence... Na wa o! Nono thou hast opened mine eyez...

  2. Nice write-up.
    Calling it the best was going way too far, I agree. Didn't feel the song.

  3. L.M.F.A.O.

    The Kpangolo music people have done it AGAIN!


  4. Hmmn but Nono, I will be the voice of balance here... For two reasons...I am IN the business and I know it well... and two maybe I've been too long in Bella's company.

    Whether you like it or not... Yes, this is shit... But it's this shit that sells... Sad but very true.

    The people who call it "The Best Song This Year" or whatever it is they say, are saying it from their own reality...and I really don't blame them because they don't know any better.

    While I am not endorsing it in any way, this is the reality for now and till further notice. Our one consolation is...we won't be plagued by these Kpangolo songs forever.

    Free Madness was bullshit in its rarest essence and it SOLD OUT. So did Kolomental at its time... Where are they now... It took Asa ten years to get here now... I remember when she used to play at JAzzville in the late 90s and it seemed like she'd never get out there. Look at her now.

    I rest my case.

  5. Sick beat, no sense in the lyrics... Best collabo? Now the writer of that column must hav been paid to write that jst the way I feel MTV must have been in some deal to give "Twilight: New moon" most the awards in their last "movie awards".. (No offence to twilight lovers)..
    Finally, this jam aint makin sesne bt I sure do like the phrase "its a jonzing world"

  6. the lyrics had me rotflmao, wat the heck. if the beat is what matters then why did they bother opening their mouths, we should all jus bob to the instrumentals, no?

  7. Of all the comments, I think @Chari is the only one on point.

    Have you seen some of Biggy's oldies?

    Most of them are rubbish, as well as this lyrics you just re-typed.

  8. If I kolombi ur sister she follow me osita(or something that sounds like that) - correction If i kolombi your sister,she follow me on twitter.

    This was the first line i heard,i thought it was Dprince,when i realized it was Jesse jags,i deleted the song. Mehn screw the 'kpangolo' people as Chari calls them, and err mr ediong,which of biggies oldies you referring to?

  9. Sorry buh dis bloody writer sucks !! We love d song so kip ur flipping opinion to urself. No beef cos am a vegetarian buh y compare 2pac 2 Dprince, Jesse Jaz plus Wizkid? 2pac did it his fing his way and these giys r also doing it their way. Hate it or like it, ITZJONZING WORLD..

  10. Sorry buh dis bloody writer sucks !! We love d song so kip ur flipping opinion to urself. No beef cos am a vegetarian buh y compare 2pac 2 Dprince, Jesse Jaz plus Wizkid? 2pac did it his fing his way and these giys r also doing it their way. Hate it or like it, ITZJONZING WORLD..

  11. Sorry buh dis bloody writer sucks !! We love d song so kip ur flipping opinion to urself. No beef cos am a vegetarian buh y compare 2pac 2 Dprince, Jesse Jaz plus Wizkid? 2pac did it his fing his way and these guys r also doing it their way. Hate it or like it, ITZAJONZING WORLD..

  12. LOL at this ltee person trying to form anonymous.

    Onto the post. The beats are good, great even.
    Lyrics are not the best like most nigerian songs.
    Everyone calls everything they do "the best" - its all marketing (in some cases you can even look at it as sarcasm)
    as chari said, they do it for their market and sadly, it sells.

  13. bahaha who is the anonymous bad ass lmao!! oya fly away jor

    ehen onto the post uhmm yh nono u hv a point tho the lyrics don't make no sense tho but i fink the beats r okaay u know how twitter is now **ever hyping** and yh calling it the best collabo or one of the best in 2010 makes no freaking sense! i guess its all part of the *jonzing thingy*

  14. Nono, u hit d nail rite on d head..infact, u made sure it sunk in2 d head...ppl were jst hypin it on my i said "let me gt d song nw". Behold! i found out d hard way(afta waisting 4:10 mins of my life)dt d lyrics were trashy..@Chari, i get u sha bt dis song ws jst wnt way out of hand...anyway, i hope nigerian artistes improve their lyrics in d nt2 distant future.
    PS: i jst cn resist this; @ltee, i wnt tru ur TL nd found out dt ur a #familiarspirit..esp with nigerian celebrities i'm nt surprised at ur commnet bt wt's killin me ova here (bin LMAO) is dt u jst culdn't find dt anonymous button..LNGKMD...

  15. lol the lyrics cracked me the eff up WTF????

    i havnt heard the song oooh n i am not in a rush to sha!!! they are everyly hyping on twitter, thats how they hyped endowed and i cnt for the life of me understand y... me am more about lyrics...i prefer my songs to make sense....yeah i like nodding my head and i like a banging beat but lyrics r important to me too..

  16. In my opinion, considering it a mainstream naija jam aimed at making you bop.. Jonzing world is actually a very decent track.

    Its aimed at making you dance, to achieve that, its got a badass beat thanks to Don Jazzy, and easy on the ear, easy to memorize lyrics to help you sing along while dancing to it up in the club.

    Whizzkidayo though; I think he needs someone to mark his lyrics script before laying em.. Basically, he repeated the name of the track 3x, mentioned the names of the artistes on the track, then he mentioned their label names, in between, he said something about Facebook, Blackberry and twitter.. For a young upcoming artist with a lot of hype, its pretty lame, he doesn't even have an album yet, is he keeping knowledge or what?.. His flow wasn't even original, it reeked of Jesse Jagz... And does he really want to tagged 'Weeezy' now??? Dude needs guidance abeg.

    Jagz was dope in my opinion, rode the beat like a Jagoboy, catchy lyrics with the whole Mercy Johnson, Magic Johnson and Michael Johnson bit.

    D'prince; considering the album art has some animated bullshit, the lyrics were pretty much in theme for the album concept, all that animation/cartoon stuff, his rhyme had imagery, and all that.. Above average too.. Brought back a dying slang 'Jonzing' as well.. He also felt the need to mention the names of the artistes on the track too though just like Jag and Weezy, apparently its an epidemic.

    Basically, I disagree with your review, its a very decent track.

  17. @minefaithfully
    no one's talking bout decency here we tlking bout the lyrics like WTF it makes no sense!

  18. @swaggermiss

    What kinda sense are we talking about now?
    Were you expecting to find life's meaning in it like you would find in say one time song of the year; Andre's Hey ya..?
    I hope you didn't miss my sarcasm.
    Its a mainstream, nod ya head to song.
    Infact, I take decent back.. Its a dope jam.. A lot of song lyrics (naija/international) don't make 'sense' cos frankly they weren't meant to, its a developing genre..

  19. lol...really a jonzine world...buh y'all knw once people love uuuu it dsnt mattr woh u open ur mouth to say..people will love it..abi hw wud u explain "ginger the ginger..ginger ur swaggr"....d music ind. is goin count of course...buh the lyrics count even more...listen to guys likee MI n u mite gt an hint woh music is all bout..
    nice one nono...

  20. its really a jonzing world.............jonzing toh bladdy........

  21. well, funny enuf, i neva gave a hoot abt D'prince or any mo'hit sht' cus they do nutin but "drunk-dance music". i actually picked up interest in jonzing world when BankyW tweeted that it was his best club banger...and i got d song from a friend and like chiji_eke said "i'd like the jonzing world melody...besides evry else got me confused...then i'm on google, trying to get the lyrics, then i got a stroke learning dat jags did the first verse... and suddenly i just hating everytin abt the song except "the jonzing world melody"

  22. babe i fully understand wat ure sayin but mehn dat is wat WE as in NIGERIANS enjoy! if it didnt sell, den dey wudnt make music lyk dat. Personally i love dis song!!

  23. this song if you listen to it is amazing and the beats want to make you move but the words yes do not make sense but the aim of this song was to be a party song,to get people moving in parties nothing else. its like most of wizkids song,i love him and his music but they are there to dance to not really for lyrics. and in Nigerian terms at that time this song would have been the best collaboration because the instrumental is greAT AND IT DOES HAVE A A FEW AMAZING VERSES. THATS YOUR OPINION AND THIS IS MINE.

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