Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are Fortunate!!!

His name is Paul and no one gave him the name. It just grew on him for lack of a better explanation. When he burst out of that cocoon of a shell, his mother was nowhere to be found. Infact I think his mother and his father are one and the same. Little Paul wasn't alone though, there were other little Pauls around(the name was popular). Now little Paul loved the dark but he was always moving towards the light. I cannot for the life of me explain why. His one valuable trait was that he could play dead. All the little Pauls were fantastic actors. Their bodies were of some hard substance so they could withstand a lot of hitting(I personally have carried out this experiment). Infact that's when their ability to play dead becomes useful(I digress).

Little Paul was still in the dump of his birth with all the other little Pauls. They had no idea what their purpose in life was so they just scurried around. He found out the hard way that his supposed brothers(this has still not been verified) were sellouts. I mean they could betray any of their kind just to stay alive. He almost got caught in that trap once. You see, since they all look alike if you are trying to kill his "brother" and the so called brother runs towards the direction he is hiding, you'd easily mistake him for his brother. It was every cockroach for himself up there. It was a lonely life I tell you. No one trusted anyone, no one needed to be romantically involved with anyone. It was a world of chaos. Now Paul didn't know any better so he accepted his life as it was and ran and avoided and played dead till one day, the owner of his "abode" watched a Raid insecticide advert on the television. That was it for Paul.

Now do you value your life more?? Do you know how fortunate you are to have been born human??. Maybe next time you think of ending it all, you'd think about Paul whose sole purpose in life was to hide. No condition is permanent.


  1. Hahahahaha! I knew it was some kind of insect... I was thinking cockroach.. Lol! Yes! We're fortunate. :)

  2. Indeed we are...@ d same time we really never know when that bell would ring saying its all over... Have you added value to someone today??