Thursday, July 8, 2010

The "Deathly" Mystery!!!

Yesterday, Toun Oni(Mama T on Fuji house of commotion) ceased to be amongst the living. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

I think death is more suited for the comparison with a thief in the night. He takes great pain to sneak in on you unless of course you are diagnosed with one of the terminal diseases so you know your time is just around the corner but even then, what stops you from being killed by your fan falling from the ceiling on you? Absolutely nothing. We all know we can't live forever but still if we were to take a poll on what we fear most, death would be at the top of the list for most people.

Many outfits describe death as a man in a black robe with a rod that has something like a hook at the top(I forget what its called). Others like the tv series supernatural prefer to describe him in a man's body. Sometimes I hear people say that old people always know when they are about to die and I wonder how this is possible. Is death partial to the older demographic?? Does he stand at the foot of their bed while they advise their kids on the wrongs of the world?? I guess I'll never know or will find out when I'm almost about to croak and my kids are holding my arthritic hands and weeping. If any of my grandparent goes through this process, rest assured I shall ask if he/she is seeing death at that point(I'm not patient enough to wait till my time).

I also wonder how the choice for death is made. What makes you a suitable candidate at that point in time?? Is there some clock in death's room with your name on it that chimes when your time is up?? I've got so many questions without answers. For the people that die then come back to the side of the living is it that death reads their clocks wrong?? Is he severely punished for that?? I could come up with a couple of juicy punishments for death hehe!! No deaths for you for 1 hour. He'll probably start having redrawal symptoms :). I'm sure people have near death experiences when death is about to make a mistake but the recollection of his last punishment stops him in time. Whew!! Crisis or rather itching(or whatever death does when he is in redrawal mode) averted.

On a more serious note though, death is a huge mystery to me and we all know how much I hate mysteries I can't solve :(

PS: pls if you are reading this and you are one of the people that have died but came back to life, sharing what you saw would be much appreciated :)


  1. i ponder d same thing at times: d mystery of death..anyways, we'll all die one day nd d mystery will be solved once and for ur on a long thing o, lol...there's nobody 2 answer d question in d last is what it is. a rhetoric question.

    PS: bdw, d rod death carries is called a "Scythe"

  2. Mystery unresolved! We just need to continue to live life,knowing somewhere in our death will inevitably come

  3. Trust me there are some things you should NOT know...pondering already kinda fucks with and make sure when the guy comes with his *sickle* u can roll your eyes and be like 'yea whatever im done anyway :p' LOL I am unwell!

  4. Death!!! That's 1 hell of a topic. The thought of it alone is should I say cold...
    Well, this is definitely gonna be 1 of those unresolved phenomena... Notwithstanding, I totally agree with Xabi, some things are better not knowing

  5. I don't even wonder. We're better off basking in ignorance when it comes to somethings lol