Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vanity or Necessity??

So I'm watching Dr 90210 with my brother and I go "hey why don't you branch into plastic
surgery 'cause you'll be really good at it". You see he is an amazing artist. Draws all kinds of
stuff and he is really creative. He goes "nope I don't like it. I want to feel like I just saved your
life in some way not like I just gave you a new boob or a new butt".

I have been thinking about what he said for the past 30mins. I'm still thinking about it as I
type this post. Firstly, I don't think plastic surgery is all about boob enhancements and sex
changes. Burn victims benefit from plastic surgery. Cleft Palate patients benefit from it too.
Plastic surgery is all about vanity yes but not all bad vanity(yes there is good vanity).
Everyone has the right to look normal. No one wants to stand out in a bad way.

Looking good boosts your self confidence whether you agree with me or not so I don't have any
problem with people that feel they need a lip enhancement or a brazilian butt. I am not in
their shoes so I choose not to judge. Granted many of these surgeries are completely
unnecessary but when you think about how harsh society is today, I believe if you can afford
it, get it. Now I know some of you are frowning at this but think about it. You stare when you
pass by a dude with so many flabs he looks like a dunlop tyre warehouse. You make fun of the
women that have got slippers for boobs. Why on earth shouldn't they do something about it if
they can??

Ok Big Brother all stars just started so I'mma stop there. Your views on the topic are very
welcome though. Cheers!!!


  1. Tempted to get me a surgery for this tummy. Never been flat since I've known myself. The thought is scary though. So for now, I'm banking on diet and exercise.

  2. OKay, lest you make me sound like some uncaring creature with no appreciation for aesthetics, I'm opposed to Cosmetic plastic surgery. Corrective plastic surgery is a different issue and I'll be happy to fix a broken nose or do a skin graft. I don't just dig this new-world craze for bodily perfection and looking 25 when you're 50. It's obscene.

  3. Imma hav to sit wit Dex on this one... I oppose it

  4. At a time, female circumcision (i refuse to call it FGM) was in vogue and girls dreamed of the night they'd become 'women'. At a time, homsexuality was a hush word. At a time, people had big problems with cosmetic surgery....It's all in the times, really. But i would never support anyone becoming like that Joyce Catwoman..