Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It just got a whole lot smaller!!!

As I type this I'm probably in the remotest part of Lagos. There is no light hence no cold water and my blackberry will soon give up the ghost. I hope I can finish this post in time. I'm at my grandparents. I love them immensely so I'll blame their electrician, Rewire for my current irritability. Nigga messed up the generator and now his phone is switched off. Ok enough of my complaining. Let's get straight to business.

On the way here, my granddad told me a story about a black man he knew way back in the United states that was slightly disturbed upstairs. Dude would wake up in the morning and get ready to go to school. He preferred the predominantly white schools so he'll go to one of em(I can't remember the name now) and sit in during classes(apparently non students were allowed to attend the classes but they were not graded for it). Mind you, the dude actually believed he was enrolled in the school and took his classes quite seriously. Dude was schizophrenic. This got my brain wheels moving.

The world is indeed an interesting place. I was listening to my granddad talk about a dude I had never and would never meet and the dude(if he is still alive) has no idea two people on a very bad road in Lagos were just having a conversation about him. This happens everyday. I find this to be very interesting. If I happen to meet the dude tomorrow, I wouldn't know that I had actually at a point in my life, had a conversation about him. I sometimes pass people on the road and think "have I met you before??" Or pass by a gruesome accident and wonder "was the victim the dude that stood behind me in the queue at the bank yesterday??"

Musicians release a cd or actors star in a movie and they have no idea who is gonna be listening to/watching it. It could be distributed so far as a whole different continent. I pass by a barber's salon and I wonder "does Nelly know his face is on this salon's signpost??". Social networks don't make this any better. Like on twitter for example, many people have conversations with people they would probably never have known existed. I am waiting to hear of a twitter wedding i.e they meet on twitter and eventually get married.

I believe we are all connected in some way. The amount of people we encounter in our lifetime is too large for this to not be true. When you think about this, you actually feel the world become just a fraction of its size smaller. If you didn't feel this, you must be in China :p.

PS: I wrote this post yesterday but my battery died before I could put it up. My apologies. Today's post shall be posted later :).


  1. This is sooo true! Esp. The twitter thing... Its like as each day goes by. The world becomes a smaller place and your world gets bigger. You know someone who know someone who knows someone else you already know and you're just like wow... How do you guys even know each other??? Did that make sense??

  2. I agree that the world becomes just a fraction of it's size due to the connections we have these days. Even making comments on blogs and responding to though-provoking pieces. It's like our footprints are embedded in so many different places, even though we're just standing in one part of the world. We just never know what part of the world we're reaching. To me, it's a lovely thought to think that little snippets of our thoughts can be embedded in a distant part of the world where we don't even know. I like this post.

  3. You are so right. As compared to the times of our parents, this world is so much smaller. We have the internet and the telecommunication industry to thank for that.

  4. That's so fascinating and I totally agree... For some reason I fink the world is networked... It might take 1000+ links to get to the next person but I bet somehow, we're all connected.