Thursday, October 7, 2010

What next???

Location: A town house in the heart of Lagos
Date: 22nd Sept, 1960

She was so excited she couldn't sit still but she had to or else she would wrinkle her outfit and that just wouldn't do. She kept glancing at the telegram she had received two days earlier.

"See you thursday stop can't wait"

Well thursday was here and with it all her pent-up excitement. She hadn't seen him since he had been recruited to help with the independence day preparations. Apparently a lot had to be done before that day and many hands were needed. She knew all there was to know about her country and she was "prouder" than ever knowing the man that was courting her was going to help make the dreams of many become a reality. She heard a knock on the door and she knew he was the one. Left to her, she would have flown straight into his arms but her mother was in the next room and she had to behave herself. She looked up and there he was. His six foot self immaculately dressed. She felt so much pride. He came into the room and took the seat opposite hers. He then proceeded to ask after her health while she questioned him about the independence day. Their eyes told a different story however....
His eyes: I have missed you
Her eyes: You know I have missed you more
His eyes: wish I could take you in my arms right now and just hold you
Her eyes: *blush*
His eyes: I can't wait to make you mine.
Her eyes: I can't wait to be yours
His eyes: You look radiant
Her eyes: *blush*
His eyes: I practically ran down here so I won't waste the seconds I had to spend with you
Her eyes: *blush* *looks away* stop jo. You are making me smile stupidly
His eyes: I love your smile
Her eyes: I love everything about you
*a bit more of the harmless flattery/flirting and he takes his leave*

Location: The same town house in the heart of Lagos
Date: 22nd Sept, 2010

She paces up and down. What is making him so late? She looks down at the blackberry message she had received from him that morning

"Heyy babe! We are still on for today abi? Let me know so I can plan my day. ur parents are gonna be out right? We need to continue from where we left off...."

Of course she had replied him aeons ago telling him she'd be alone and she couldn't wait to see him. She smiled slightly as she remembered the things he had done to her and how he had to hurriedly leave out the window 'cause her dad had come back unexpectedly. He was supposed to be busy with the independence day preparations not that she knew what he was celebrating. The huge refuse dump in front of their house was enough for her not to see anything worth celebrating. Fifty ni fifty ko. Mscheww! Granted she knew almost nothing about her country but that wasn't important to her. Infact she placed her blackberry at a level of higher importance than she did her country. She Pinged him. Dude wasn't replying. She hoped for his sake he was driving and almost at her house. She heard the door bell ring. FINALLY! She ran to open the door and gave him a hug. He asked if her parents were around before coming in. She laughed and told him her dad hadn't left yet. He followed her to the parlour. They sat down and talked...
Him: I thought you said you'd be alone
Her: I thought Popsi would have left by the time you got here na
Him: Omo the guy scares me o. Lol
Her: don't worry if he comes in I'll just tell him we are waiting for Aisha to get here so we all go to the mall
Him: ok o! Just don't get me into any trouble. My ankle is still recovering from that my jump out of your window
Her: LOL! Pele
Him: don't worry you will massage it *evil look*
Her: lol! When your mates were doing high jump in secondary school what were you doing? Kpanshing?
Him: You already know
*they both laugh. Shortly after, her father leaves and she takes him to her room*

Location: The same location but a new house
Date: 22nd Sept, 2060

What will happen then among the youth/young adults? Will people still get married? Will they still obey their parents? Will anything still be sacred? Will we have teleportation? Will there still be romance? How about flirting? Will the state of our country be any better? How about our leaders? Will technology be so advanced you can get a message just by someone thinking about it? Will a new species have taken over the earth? In fact will the world still be?
Questions....questions....questions. Only time will tell I guess.....deuces!


  1. Gosh..thank you thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning..excellent stuff...

  2. Thank God you back writing , lol at the word kpanshing , I Thot it was kpoxing ... So Aisha is the "scapegoat" for your escapades ....

  3. Hmmmm......I was waiting for more! Like what our eyes/minds say to each other in present times. Are we still bashful or we communicate desires whenever we are silent? I like the story sha! There's just something abt unspoken desires! The 1960 couple made me wanna go thru the whole toast me tho we already like each other process!! Hehehe! Good job babes! By 2060....I assume human contact wld be at his lowest! God help us!

  4. Great stuff.
    Trying to envisage what the future of the world and our country in particular holds indeed is scary. I for one can't help wondering what the market would be like. How much will houses and education cost?
    But I'm hoping that like fashion, some of the old but sane things will get back in vogue and maybe our children will grow up in an age when parents can go to sleep with both eyes shut on their wards.
    Let us pray!

  5. Someone please come talk to my eyes!!!!!!

  6. Av missed your Blogposts btw happy ur back!!
    Nice one :)

  7. After like forever, finally another blog.... Laughed my arse out especially at the "Eye-Talk"... Nice one