Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oga/Madam Park Well.

So i'm scrolling through my blackberry messenger status updates and i see one from my friend that goes "she is not worth dying for". I have been laughing for the past fifteen minutes. I find this statement incredibly funny. Infact funny is an understatement. Of course he/she isn't worth dying for. Dude and i are in the same age group(20's) and i honestly DO NOT think at this point in our lives there is anyone worth dying for. Dude isn't even married not that that would even count. The other day i was watching a series and this couple went in for a divorce. All the dude wanted from the lady was his liver lol. Apparently when she was in her almost dead situation she had an epiphany and made a vow to enjoy her life if she ever got better. Dude as a good husband found out he was a match  and offered her a part of his liver. Of course she accepted and got better. Now this is where things get tricky. Apparently her epiphany didn't include her husband. just his liver. Now the dude could have died during the liver extraction process. I doubt she even thought of that. All that concerned her was herself. You see, we are a very selfish breed. The sooner we accept this, the better off we would be.

Now i know some people would give me the love argument. well..... it depends on your relationship with me. If you are my child, hell yea. Any other relationship can like to park well. In fact the driver can like to spend some time straightening the tyres. Like my friend would say, "i dinna know you". I see my girlfriends crying over broken relationships and threatening to kill themselves. Those that know me well don't try this in my presence. i would help u buy the gun, bleach, perfume, acid, knife, etc. Whatever rocks your boat. You are of course allowed to grieve and all that. I mean you've just been dumped(only the dumped are allowed to grieve. The dumpers aren't) but that doesn't include ending your life. I think this my mentality is the reason i hate the line "i will die for you". whether it's in a love song or it's being uttered directly to me i find it very difficult(impossible) to believe. I have not figured out all the nooks and crevices of this love business but i know no one is worth dying for. At least not yet. If it's your turn to die it means God said so. Why the hell would i wanna mess with that??


  1. "i would help u buy the gun, bleach, perfume, acid, knife, etc. Whatever rocks your boat." #Dead

    I would do the same. I don't think I could die for anyone either maybe like my lil sis or my child but eh a partner will be on a

  2. first, LOL
    ok i'm done laughing. But nono you have a serious point!
    "dying" for some guy/gurl in the literal sense of the word is just.. well, death! lol
    maybe for "true love" u'd be willing to die for someone tho i dont get y this "true love" wld be harmful to you, let alone KILL you.
    Quite ironic if you ask me.

  3. Live life,forget the past,handle the present-dream of the future I say.
    But if you'd rather end it all cause of a relationship gone sour,oh well...

  4. I like this post.U write in a fun breezy way,and its straightforward,sans bullsh*t.