Monday, August 16, 2010

From the mouth of the people 1.

The scene is a radio station's studio. They are about to go live with the afternoon's program. In the studio are three men and a lady seated with microphones and the appropriate equipments set and ready to go. They are going live in 5,4,3,2,..............
Sarah: Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the first episode of from the mouth of the people. Today's topic is fidelity. With me here in the studio are Tinubu, Felix and Ola.
*Everyone says hi*

Sarah: So guys, what's your take on fidelity??

Tinubu: Fidelity amongst married or unmarried couples?

Sarah: Both. Marriage and relationships

Tinubu: well...they are both very different but generally in my opinion if you are with the one person you want to be with, why cheat? but as reality would have it, we almost always have to manage hence the cheating. It's not right but if done, should be kept a secret".

Sarah: I want your personal input not a generaliased view. Like what do you do? Do you cheat when you can or you have never cheated??

Tinubu: I've never cheated before. I've had only one girlfriend and there was no chance to even try so i dont know what i would do. ok let me think seriously.

Sarah: lol. ok while Tinubu is thinking, Ola what's your take on fidelity?

Ola: The bank or the mindset?

Sarah: lol! what do you think?

Ola: For those that can make it happen, more grease to their bumbums

Sarah: So basically you don't believe in fidelity?

Ola: I do but i'm also a realist and in this world we live in now, it's damn near impossible.

Sarah: We are talking about you here. I mean you must have your own values or should i say rules?

Ola: I'd love to be faithful to anyone i'm with but it's almost impossible. I fully expect who i'm with to be faithful to me though. I can't deal with a babe cheating on me.

Sarah: hahahaha!! Isn't that kinda like a double standard? Why is it impossible for you to be faithful?

Ola: I know it is but it is what it is. Look at me. 'cause of my job i come in contact with beautiful women regularly. I'm not a bad looking guy. i do alright with the ladies. I can't run that fast if a babe is offering herself to me.

Sarah: hahahaha!! I see. So basically fidelity is also related to job descriptions??

Ola: At all but some men are more realistically less likely to be faithful.

Sarah: So have you ever cheated and why??

Ola: Yes i have because i could.

Sarah: So the feelings of the person you were with was of no importance to you??

Ola: They never found out. What she didn't know, didn't hurt her.

Sarah: Felix what do you have to say on the matter?

Felix: Fidelity is extremely important. If you can't deal with it, stay single for as long as it takes.

Sarah: Does your definition of fidelity cover relationships or only marriage??

Felix: it covers everything. Afterall the original intent of relationships was to lead to marriage anyways right?

Sarah: You know i find it really difficult to believe guys honour fidelity in relationships

Felix: They should

Sarah: Well what people should do and what they end up doing always varies by a stretch. What do u do personally?

Felix: I believe in fidelity which is why i'm single *smile*

Sarah: LOL! Nice one. Thanks for listening in, we will now take your calls.

If you haven't figured it out, you are listening in on the program and your call should be left as a comment. Your question(s) shall be answered by whoever you direct it at. cheers.......


  1. Hi, em this is FiFi calling from abuja..
    i disagree with Ola. yes, what she doesnt know won't hurt her but u just said it on the radio!! Now she'll know for sure! (lol)
    btw i think fidelity shud apply to everybody & yh, just like felix if u cant zip up, stay single. :)
    also.. hello? hello?? (Static sound then line breaks)

  2. This is JJ calling from Calabar.

    Look, Ola...just because you can do something does not necessarily make it right. So because you can enter a bank with a gun and get into their safes, does it make it right to steal from them? Because you can do it and no one will find out doesn't make it right (and yes, what someone doesn't know can hurt them in the long run).

    Felix, you're my brother jare. But please try not to stay single for too long. :)

  3. Hello,
    Mfon calling from Kent,London

    Lol at Felix
    Ola Realist or no Realist i disagree with you
    Fidelity is something we should all embrace single or committed...:D

  4. Hola!
    Mz T from Gidi!

    I totally agree with Felix. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about this topic. If you can't be faithful, stay single. You can't say you love someone and step out on them with the mentality of 'What she doesn't know won't hurt her'... Why? She'll find out eventually. They almost always do.

  5. Oh btw, Sarah, what's your stand on the issue?

  6. I believe in fidelity too *raises right hand up*

  7. @FIFI This is Ola. As of now, i'm very single. I don't see how my ex finding out i cheated on her changes anything. @ the rest of the callers, y'all are being Idealistic and not realistic. yes we would all love to be faithful to our women but it's realistically almost impossible so the best we can do is make sure they never find out. To those that can make fidelity work, more grease to their the rest of us, God dey.

  8. Hi, this vanity from Texas.

    I feel the terms of fidelity can defined by the relationships. If your relationship allows infidelity then ok but if it doesn't it's best to not cheat.

    If you're like me and can't stay faithful then be single and fuck around until you find the person you think you can be with.

    And Ola saying men are less likely to be faithful is not an excuse, it's like saying black people are more likely to steal. All you're doing is creating lame excuses.


  9. Hello Wiseone from Regina.

    @Ola you say "damn near impossible"; I beg to differ. It all comes down to commitment. Every decision is a choice.

    @Felix safe place to stand/sit. I like.

  10. Hi, It's Kevin from Lagos.

    I think Ola is a douchebag...If that's how you treat your woman then God help your marriage.

    I believe it's expected that one stays faithful to their partner whether married or in a relationship, I for one would never cheat on my girlfriend, I am free to admire other beautiful creations of God but that's as good as it gets.

    And, Big-ups to Tinubu, cool guy, nice view on the issue. Bye.

  11. *ring ring* Hello, this is C.J. calling frm Ksi, Ghana.. Ola cracked me up with the phrase "I can't run that fast if a babe is offering herself to me.".. If u can't run push her back jor..

  12. Hello...can u hear me Sarah? It rained here in Lagos and I'm not sure the cables are dried yet......oh u can hear me? Phew! Thank goodness! This is Beams frm Lagos. Ola is a douche bag no doubt but with experience,I've come to only one reality......ALL men are nature!! This might sound 'anti-feminist' but I'd rather prepare myself for it.....that don't mean I'd like it when it happens but as much as fidelity is a noble idea....that's all it is an idea! Its important to remain faithful to your partner but I'd rather not worry myself to death! I'm not goin to end up with a gorilla seeing as I'm not an ugly duckling myself so women will chase just as men will chase me too. However,love....real love will see u through the trying moments.......and yes God too!! We can't do it alone! No sexy lingerie or great meal will keep him if he decides to stray.......prayers/space/innovative ideas might work........beeep!beeep! My credit! Gotta run now! U guys are doing a great job !!