Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gaga?? apparently NOT.

I just realised it's been a while since i shared a day in my life with y'all. Today seems appropriate seeing as i'm in a really shitty mood.

Woke up this morning with the heartbeat earphone by Lady Gaga and Dr Dre on my mind. If you don't know, this is a version of the beats earphone for the ladies and the fashion inclined seeing as it's so cute. Anyway, we all know i'm not the girly type so yea i only wanted it 'cause the chrome ones will go so well with Silver(my blackberry). You see i got this really cool silver(obviously) case for her and she is all pretty and shit. ok so yea i woke up with the earphones on my mind. If you know me at all, you would know that once i've got something on my mind it's kinda hard for me to concentrate on anything else. We all know the earphones are quite pricey but err....i graduated and had my birthday not too long ago. I think i deserve a little "self spoilage" plus i'm a complete music head. i can't think of anything better to get myself lol. Sooooo back to waking up......

Woke up with a smile on my face. It was gonna be a good day right?? well not really. First of all, i had no plans of making any meal but no the father had to have chips and my little family friend had to have rice so yes i ended up cooking and leaving the kitchen smelling like fried potatoes. She of course found a way to not finish her food so i had to play the whole bad cop role. So tiring. We(yes she had to follow me since her usual companion had left the house early and kinda forced her on me not that i'm complaining sha) finally left the house. I had the apple store on my mind seeing as that was the only store that had the earphones with the control talk in store. I need the control talk part 'cause i plan to use it on my blackberry and i've got to receive calls(duh!!). Now the nearest apple store to me wasn't err...exactly near. We had to walk to the bus stop 'cause i'm all about excercising now. The bus ride is supposed to take about thirty minutes on a good day.

*skip forty five minutes*

We get out of the bus and i'm totally confused. I've got no idea where exactly the apple store is.  I also have my money in the wrong currency so i've gotta find an exchange point. Well thanks to technology, we locate both the apple store and the nearest bureau de change. I stand in the queue awaiting my turn and doing my calculations. What?? These people wanna rip me off. I err....quietly get myself and my ward off the line. For that exchange rate, it's not that serious. I decide to go to the apple store anyways despite the fact i'm "right currencyless". I get there and it's total chaos. Apparently everyone decided today was the day they would go to the apple store. I stood in the centre of all the chaos for a good thirty minutes before i finally caught the eye of one of the apple people. You see, i am quite short(and proudly so. make no mistake). So i'm like "do you guys have the heartbeat earphones with control talk?" She is like "wait lemme check in the store".

*skip fifteen minutes*

"No i'm afraid we dont have it". At this point, my anger level is rising. "but you guys said on the website that you had it". She goes "i'm very sorry but it appears we only have it in our online store. You could check hmv". I drag my ward and we head over to hmv. This time, i get noticed almost immediately. I ask for the earphones and they of course have only got the normal ones not the handsfree ones(KILL ME NOW). He now goes on to tell me he in fact has not yet seen the handsfree ones. chai!!. I'm determined the journey cannot be wasted so i go back to the apple store and ask if they can't order it to the store for me. No can do(no surprise there). I'm like "so what do you suggest i do?". They now give me the phone to talk to some dude who is telling me about money wiring all 'cause i haven't got a debit card. Anyways, it comes out at some point that i'm Nigerian and if the sales lady could have gotten any farther away from me, she would have passed through the wall into the next shop. FUCK YOU MUTTALLAB.

We leave the shop and i've got my house on my mind when my ward decides she must have chips and chicken nuggets. Next stop, macdonalds. She goes in and orders some kiddy meal like that. I forget the name. On our way out, we see many people staring at something on the floor. Now my ward is the epitome of an amebo. She must also see. We draw closer and spot the paramedics covering some kid on the floor with a blanket. he is lying face down and doesn't appear to be alive. Now we the unlookers(my ward and i mostly) are busy speculating. did he try to re-enact hancock or did someone push him off the floor above us? Questions we left with or should i say i dragged my ward away with. Next stop, home. We get off at the bus stop closest to the house and walk. THE WRONG WAY. We go about a block before i realise we should have gone in the opposite direction all because i allowed my ward lead the way. Lesson: Never let a ten year old lead the way when you are not paying attention. We re-cross the road and walk all the way back to the bus stop and back home. Now the events that occured after i walked into my house are equally as annoying but quite personal so.....

*skip another four hours*

I am now obsessed with the beats by Dre(tour) in-ear earphones with control talk. They are my style anyways. BLACK and red and yea they can be found at stores near me(what a relief). So yours truly has told the lady gaga version to take it up the butt. There is only so much one can do for matching earphones(silver). The sound quality is the same if not better considering they are a lot more expensive than the Gaga ones.

I will now go to bed dreaming of the soon to be mine tour earphones. Goodnight!!!


  1. I've been looking for the tour with control talk too. All the stores seem to have just the regular tours. Maybe I should just embrace my sennheisers a bit longer.
    Will wait your product review.
    Gaga's werent made for you. Sorry. :(

  2. seems a bit extreme for head phones. no? 7 hours? 10 year olds are fun