Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Style, Her Barf!!!

Sometimes i wonder who exactly has the right to dictate what is fashionable/generally acceptable and what isn't. I mean everybody has the right to do what they want to when they want to right?? well YES but on the condition you can accept the fact people will always develop opinions regarding what you do whether you like it or not. If you can't accept this then you've got no business trying to set/follow a trend. I am a strong believer in the fact people do things to seek approval from other people. I can see some of  you shaking your heads 'cause you think you are the royal exception but think about it for a second. C'mon indulge me......

You put up a picture of a Champagne bottle/ specifically take a picture with champagne bottles as your decor not because that is your best drink in the whole wide world or because you have suddenly joined the drink selling industry and are advertising your wares. I could come up with a million and one reasons for this act. Some of them not all bad but i would leave you instead to your imagination.

Now how many of you remember when the ipod was first introduced to us or as i choose to call it, the ipod era. The days when girls didnt need white jewellery anymore 'cause the ipod earphones hung on our necks made up for that. i mean it became a fashion accessory. Everyone who had one made sure you knew they had one. i'm sure some people just went out and bought the earphones 'cause the pressure was getting a tad much lol. I hear the beats headphone by Dr Dre is now the new "ipod earphone". I mean it doubles as a neck support thingy right?? What do you know about dual functionality. I read somewhere that those headphones were made mostly for use in the studio but hey those people obviously knew nothing.

Next up would be the reign of the geeks. Yep!! looking geeky was the new cool. Even if your face is shaped like an owl or a bug you still went out and purchased your very own ultra bug like geek glasses. I mean what would your reputation be like if you weren't up to date with the latest "new" thing.

Lace wigs and the like deserve their very own paragraph. Who can use evostic the most *insert soundtrack*. It is like an epidermic. People took up new trades if you know what i mean so they could afford lace wigs. God forbid you cut your coat according to your size. You just had to have it. I mean everyone else was right??

Now have you stopped shaking your head?? No?? ok lets go on

The dawn of the blackberry. If you have not experienced this, u must live on your very own planet. WHAT?? People did ridiculous things to own a blackberry and if you had one, God forbid you put it on silent. If people can't hear your pings and alerts, why did you buy it?? Its not so bad now though 'cause practically everyone owns one but when our service providers were able to provide blackberry services newly, owning one was big to a lot of people. I mean some people started camouflaging their E71's and other phones to look like blackberrys lol. Take a moment to yell "WHAT?" if you belong to this category. Chameleon toh bad. I mean even till now some people use owning a blackberry as a criteria for dating. No blackberry, cross the road please.

These are just a few of the obvious things i could think of. There are the more subtle ones like eye service/hypocrisy, ass kissing and what i personally call opinion copying/piracy lol. This is simply a case where you photocopy someone's opinion so they feel you are on point.

Disclaimer: I think i have tried my best not to include my personal opinions regarding these issues but if i didn't and you feel i spoke against something you strongly stand for/ is your living ritual then you've just gotta accept the fact i've got a strong opinion(one i obviously couldn't hide) about it and move the *bleep* on and while you're in the accepting mood, accept the fact everybody's got an opinion(good and bad) about it too.



  1. Lool true tho but i dnt have a BB sha dat doesn't make me archaic yh? hehe

  2. true i ws once tempted 2 gt an ipod o. i changed my mind: afterall, i hd phones to play music nd my parents were against d i gt a i'm still novice sha..hehehehe...

  3. @prettychick well I can say I've owned more than one ipod and I hung my earphones like ornaments lol not on purpose tho but cos I thought I was gonna use em but I didn't. My point was if you're gonna do something then do it regardless of what pipl might say or think. Don't be bitching about cos someone hated on ur style cos at the end of the day, who really decides what's wrong or right?? U already know I'm addicted to my bb so...... Lol

  4. Said simply and true too...See you on twitter.

  5. Nothing left to say. We all know it, you don't want to hear how I got my BB but yet I still talk about keeping it real.

  6. I own an iPod and a Blackberry...for functionality o!

    What is my business with what is 'in style'? Lol!