Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2 years later....

It's been two years and some days since i was last on my blogger. Feels like just yesterday although SO MUCH has happened. I've missed this. Just talking.... I feel like I can't do this on my wordpress because I've kinda branded(practicing my B-school lingua. I'll get to that in a second) the blog to be about creative stories and i can't just go on there and ramble. Don't get me wrong, i'm always excited when i'm able to create a story i love but nothing beats just letting loose. I have two years worth of pent up rambling in me and i just want to scream.


So I've decided to come back here...where it all started, to just talk. I finally went natural. Yep! I'll be two years in December. Totally LOVE my afro. I love it so much, i changed my instagram handle to afrobooboo but instragram keeps using my old handle then correcting it after what feels like donkey years(about 30secs but who's counting?) uugghhh! So i changed it back to the old handle this morning. I'm still looking for where to use afrobooboo though.....*thinking*. I started B-school a year and some months ago and it's been awesome so far. I feel like i am only just going to school lol. I go to class and i learn. That hardly ever happened in University. I'm sure many people can relate. If you can't, well count yourself among the lucky few. It's been extremely value adding thus far. I worked briefly in an oil & gas servicing company during the summer break and that was awesome as well. I think i fully appreciated all i'd done in B-school then. I built financial models, process flow charts, Tem...ok ok i'm stopping. I can almost hear a lone snore in the corner(Yes i said lone. bite me). You get the drift though...It's been a brilliant experience. I worked in the music industry for a bit as well during my two years away from here. That was extremely eye opening. I have a lot of respect for the industry now and i made a lot of friends. It's really not as easy and many people don't appreciate the hard work that's been/is being put in.

Back to the present though....I miss my friends and my family a lot. I'm so far away from everyone and everything, it's annoying. It'll all be over in July though so yay! I've been counting down religiously. lol. I got chosen by my B-school to represent 'em in a case competition in Canada in January so I've been preparing for that. I'm very excited but it's been very stressful. I've had to joggle that with my usual school load, my other non-school load and life in general. *whew*. Again, not easy. I think I want to have a kid soon. I LOVE my friend's kids. I'm such a softie whenever i'm around them. They get whatever they want. I think the universe is telling me to start thinking about settling down. I've always wanted to get married and have kids early so i'm not averse to the idea but with all that's going on in my life, i don't know. Anyway, i've been thinking about babies lately. I haven't had a gummy bear in FOREVER. I feel like someone is punishing me. I don't have time to go buy some and the ones I love take quite a journey to get. urrrgghhh!! You'd think the universe would hear my cry and get some supermarket owner to start stocking em in my area. hmmm....now i think of it, maybe i should suggest it to one of the supermarkets. I'll buy everything. lol.

It was SB's birthday on the 2nd and seeing as she's amongst the few people that can get me out of my zone, i was at hers. I've missed her so. She's now a big auditor(I feel like inserting yes ke cos that's what she'd say lol). Whenever i remember the ICAN period, I'm always very excited for her. She's still as tall as ever(not like i was expecting a shorter version. in fact, just scratch that). I had an awesome time. We didn't really catch up cos she had a couple of people over but hopefully, soon we will. I went from hers to one of em club spots and had a conversation with a guy that's most definitely going to inspire my next post. I am very sure i had a WTH expression on my face. Dude was just something else. Anyway, it's 6am now and i need to go get ready for school. I haven't read any of the two cases I have for the day and class participation is very important here.

My song for the day is Breaking the law by Emeli Sande. I've been all about her recently.

Afrobooboo (yay!! I found where to use it :p)

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  1. Thank you my darling.

    The lover copped me some cupons for a nail spa- come lets go and bond over mani, pedi's and cocktails afterwards! say yes!