Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend, red and more...

It's 3:20pm and i'm done with classes for the day. I had a very interesting marketing class and an okish operations one. I spent the entire weekend indoors(Welcome to my life). I am such a hermit lol! Anyway, sans the royal fuck up that's PHCN, I had a good weekend. It was sleep, more sleep, youtube, my hair, series, series, food, sleep, my hair and more series. A fab weekend in  my books :D. Nothing beats just doing you. I was supposed to go have some coldstone(I've heard so much about this place) icecream with my boss but i was too lazy to get off my bed. My friend also invited me for a party at his that involved drinking games and the Lagos fashion week after. My cab guy was majorly responsible for my not going but i was also quite finicky seeing as he informed me late. Let's go back to my hair....

I wore my afro out last week and had a ton of fun trying out different hairstyles. I've decided to wear the fro out this week as well. I spent most of yesterday watching natural hair videos on youtube and ended up doing bantu knots on my hair. I wore the bantu knots to school today and i'll probably have it in knots for two more days before taking the knots out and wearing it in a bantu knot out(another natural hair style). Three of my friends are currently transitioning(natural hair lingua) and I want to do one of their BCs(a natural hair acronym meaning big chop). I'm currently obsessed with the colour red. My nails, lips and loops are red today. I want to put red highlights in my hair. I was going to dye the whole thing red but the business world may not look too fondly at that idea so random red streaks will have to do.....for now.

I started typing this post yesterday but I had to put it on hold as my attention was needed urgently elsewhere. Anyway, It's 6am now and my finance case needs my immediate attention but I need to vent for a bit. Swift(an internet service provider in Nigeria) customer service center reps are so going to get it from me this morning. Recently, they've been showing such high levels of ineffectiveness. The other day, I couldn't log-in to my account. I was told either my username or password was incorrect which was absolute bollocks seeing as after a couple of hours, the same username and password worked. Last night, I changed my service plan and till i went to bed, my account with the ISP did not reflect this but my bank account had been debited so in essence, I couldn't access the internet. I woke up this morning to find out that internet access had been restored but my account details don't make any sense. First of all, my service plan has not been changed although I was charged for the new plan which is more expensive. Secondly, it says I have used 2.3GB of data between last night and this morning which is virtually impossible as I have been sleeping. Thirdly, it says my expiry date is the 22nd of December which also makes no sense as I paid for just one month. The most annoying part of all this is that I'll be charged for the call i make to their customer service reps and from past experience, I'll be on hold for what seems like forever and when they eventually get to me, the line will get interrupted mid-conversation and I'll have to start the process all over again. URRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

In other news, I am seriously considering getting the iphone 5 and as usual, I have been doing a ton of research on the phone. I wish I knew someone who owns one so I could question 'em extensively(I'm such an OCD patient when i want to purchase a new gadget). My dad hit me up on bbm late last night and I was smiling throughout the convo. You see, he isn't really a techie person so it's always so cute when he makes the effort to "use technology" lol! Anyway, now i'm thoroughly homesick :(. I'm also stuck on that piece I told you about and the deadline is around the corner. I need inspiration.

Till I can find some,

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