Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wham, Bam, Kazzam, Complex!!

This morning has been all about the US presidential election. Votes were cast, counted and speeches were given. Apparently Romney didn't have a concession speech 'cause he was so sure he was going to win. What do you know about faith? Anyway, Obama has been re-elected from all indication so yay!!
Continuing from yesterday's post, i went out after SB's birthday and i had the weirdest and most baffling conversation ever. It was like wham, bam, hear this, now you hear that but i'm not on drugs or cheap bleach. Yea I know i'm losing you lol! I'll try my best to re-enact the conversation i had but people are indeed weird creatures.

I'm quietly sipping on my henny and coke and enjoying the view from where i'm seated...

Dude: Do you smoke?
Me: Nope
Dude: Do you drink a lot?
Me: Nope. Just occasionally
Dude: I wanted to stay in tonight but my friend dragged me out. 
Me: ok
Dude: Tell me about yourself
Me: *chuckle* I hate that question. If you want to get to know someone, get to know the person. Don't take the easy way out. I never answer that question unless it's a job interview
Dude: I'm sure many people ask you that
Me: dunno
Dude: I wouldn't be feeling this place if i wanted to go out. It's too dull. Do you like dancing?
Me: Yea but I don't feel like dancing. I'm fine right here
Dude: I'd like to be your friend. A very close friend. Like if i don't talk to you for two days, i'd be worried
Me: err...... I don't make close friends like that.
Dude: oh! why?
Me: I don't trust people
Dude: ok. 

Almost an hour later and after many in-between conversations with other people,

Dude: Like Peter just said, I'm married and my wife trusts me and i can do whatever i like. She's in the states
Me: ok.......
Dude: I'm not asking for anything else. I just want to be your close friend. Like for real. The kind of friend you can depend on and call when you're in a jam and if i can, i'll come bail you out. You getting me?
Me: I guess.....
Dude: yea. like we can hang out and i can come visit you and we can be friends
Me: ok (hesitantly. i'm still gauging the dude)

At this point, i'm thinking i may have been too quick to judge the dude. I mean he is married (not like married guys are always faithful but he could be among the faithful bunch) and i met him through a good friend of mine who shall be called Peter for the duration of this post but i was getting a weird vibe and i always trust my instincts.

Me: I think i'm going to quickly dash off to another spot. I want to see a close friend. Haven't seen him in forever and i hardly come out.
Dude: where is he?
Me: not too far from here
Dude: ok. I can take you
Peter: Cool. My clients are here and i'm kinda working so Dude taking you works. Just call when you want to come back and we'll come get you.
Me: ok
*exit Peter*

Less than a minute later,....
Dude: who is this person you are going to see?
Me: How does that matter?
Dude: well....I wouldn't want to take you to go see someone that is below me.
Me: HUH???
Dude: I am a CEO and i don't know who this person is. 
Me: WTF?? What are you saying exactly? You can't take me?
Dude: That's not what i'm saying. I can't take you to see someone that's below me. I can give the car keys to Peter and he'll take you.
Me: o wow!! You just heard Peter say he is working. I'll go take a cab but in future, put your money where your mouth is
Dude: My money is where my mouth is but I'm a CEO. The car i brought is the least of the cars I have. I know you're a big girl but i'm bigger than this guy. You just watch
Me: WTBF??? who cares what car you brought? Why are you comparing yourself to Close Friend? We aren't trying to date or anything so what does it matter? 
Dude: I'm not trying to date you. You just watch out for me. I own houses. I'll give my keys to Peter.

At this point, I feel like i'm the lead character in a terrible movie. WT..actual..F?? You couldn't make this shit up even if you tried.

Me: What happened to the speech you just gave about wanting to be friends and being close etc? You know what, let's just keep it moving. I'm about to get really pissed off if you keep talking to me.
Dude: You just watch out for me. I'm bigger than the guy you want to go see. i don't know what this guy does. 
Me: Please stop talking to me. You have such a complex it's amazing. Who gives a bleep about what you have? WTH?? 
Dude: I don't care what he has either. I don't know this area that well. I'll give the keys to Peter if he wants to take you
Me: So Peter isn't a CEO yea? Fucktard.

I totally lost it. I called his ass out to Peter immediately. I was so angry. I probably can't remember some of the shit he said but it was a truck load of BS mixed with a ton of confusing and decorated with a bucket of inferiority complex. Why do some guys feel the need to compare themselves to other people even when no one could care less? What type of complex do some people have? Does it stem from their upbringing or was he just showing off his jealous side? I guess i'll never know. After a few choice words between Peter and himself, he took me. I wanted to take a cab but Peter wouldn't have that. Urrrggghhh!!! Anyway, I had an awesome (rest of the) night.

Yesterday was an AMAZING day. We had GE(General Electric) day in school and i met a lot of awesome people and won the opportunity to hang out with the GE Execs at their office sometime soon. Totally looking forward to that. Have I said B-school rocks today? Well...there. I have a finance test on Thursday so today is study day. I think it'll be a good day.

My song for today is "Roses' by Nas. I'm currently writing a piece for a project I'm a part of based on this song.

Till tomorrow,



  1. Hahahahaha
    I cannot even believe the conversation you had with this guy. CEO indeed. Smelly attitude. Like he said, he came out with the smallest car in his great fleet, so he could have stayed in his car while you went to see whoever, he didn't have to come out! So unreal. People are weird.
    You're back on blogger? What happened to your wordpress blog?

    1. Yea I am. I missed just rambling on my blog. My wordpress feels like this extremely structured place where everything is a creative story and I love that but i also need to just talk. I guess you can call it some kind of branding lol! So blogger is for my random side and wordpress for the creative, prim and sometimes insane me i guess.