Sunday, February 14, 2010

BaCk Up!!!

On my way home today, i happened to find myself by the road side trying to hail a cab(don't even ask how this happened cos that is a different story on its own). Anyways, i'm standing there by the side of the road and all the cabs passing by are occupied kmt. I'm about to call a friend to come pick me up when some dude drives past in his red car(funnily enough, i'm not into cars so i cant tell u what he was driving) and parks at the next road(i was standing at a tee-junction). Dude steps out of his car and starts walking towards me. I honestly thought he was going to pass me by but to my "amazement", dude stops when he gets to me. The following conversation takes place;

Dude: Hello, my name is Johnson.
Me: Hello!!
Dude: Where are you headed?
Me: This way(i point in the direction. Bear in mind this direction is in the opposite direction from where he parked his car)
Dude: Where exactly? Ayeduase, Boadi, Kotei??(these are all places in that direction)
Me: Boadi(i couldn't tell him where exactly i was going for obvious reasons)
Dude: I'm headed there. Can i give you a ride??
Me: But its in the completely opposite direction from where you parked. How could you be headed there?
Dude: I live there
Me: Thank you very much but i'll pass
Dude: Are you sure? I could drop you
Me: Thank you very much but i'd much rather take a cab
Dude: But i could drop you
Me: (irritated stare) i'd prefer you didnt.
Dude: ok..(walks away)

So many women have had this conversation before. But then, it isn't only limited to women. Even guys get harassed. Just this evening, i was with a friend and she was telling me of how our mutual friend met a Nigerian musician at some club and cornered him. Her aim?? To get his BB pin by force(at this point i should mention i used to be a groupie for this artist and i would never beg for his pin). So you can imagine how hard this was for me to relate to. This babe is one of those "fly" types so i couldn't get it at all. Friendship is not by force. I am a big believer in destiny which some find odd since i am also a realist. I don't believe one has anything to do with the other tho. You can meet someone and have a pleasant enough conversation without anybody feeling like their space had been invaded. My friend's conversation with the musician could have gone this way

Friend: Hello!! I am a big fan of your work(which i don't even believe)
Artist: Thank you very much.
Friend: Can i take a pic with you??
Artist: O sure
(pic taken)
Friend: So what are you doing here
Artist: O i've got a show
Friend: Really?? when and where?? I'd love to come
Artist: So so so place at so so so time
Friend: Thanks. Goodluck with your show
Artist: Thankyou.
(Here, i think if the artist wants to talk 2 u more or see you later he'd say something. At which point, u could tell him you'd be busy hehe!! :P. If not, its bye-bye. Life goes on.)

Now if/whenever the aforementioned Nigerian artist runs into my friend, i am quite sure he would make sure his security is impenetrable. lol.

Now i am sure someone else is of the opinion this is how people meet. I am not arguing with that fact but please can u try and not be all up in my face all because you want to know me. Read the bloody signals kmt.

In other news, today is/was Valentines day. Had a lovely time. Now its on to the next one :). For those that are still in the "love" mode, errr....i have many friends that are November babies. My brother was born November 14th #justsaying :)


  1. yea.......November 14th is exactly 9 months from February 14th