Sunday, February 28, 2010


As i write this, i honestly don't know what exactly i'm going to talk about. I know i just need to vent. I am sorry we r meeting(after like 10 days) at such an angry time and i'll like to apologise for that but life threw me a curveball last night so understand. Want to know why i am so pissed??. I was going to tell you anyways. I came back home last night to find my whole room fucking flooded. I literally couldn't believe my eyes and my legs for that matter. I was walking in a freaking pool. Irony is that only that morning i was ranting about how i really needed to swim. who knew i'd be doing just that come night time kmt. The cause of this unfortunate incident?? The freaking plumbing system in my bathroom gave out. Can u believe that?? And YES i had important stuff all over the floor.....all soaked. My bb case gone, my books, my chargers all wet. I knew i should have returned those books to where i keep them but i left the house in a hurry. kmt again. The thing i am most grateful for is that i had taken my project off the floor last week and kept it ontop of my wardrobe. I would have visibly cried(very hard to believe). ok i would have tried crying(i still cannot believe that). ok i would have been terribly saddened(more like it). My group member and I have been working on that all semester. We are building an inverter. She would have killed me.

I had to sleep in my housemates room. He didnt have a second pillow or a duve and on my way to get mine from my room, I slipped and fell. YEP....ass first into the pool of water. I was holding my bb..... I performed some 007 stunts ehn(James Bond himself would have been very proud). So i ended up getting soaked and breaking a nail but my bb went unscathed(at this point i would like to send a FAT FUCK YOU to the person that scratched my bb and happily gave it back to me...nw my baby sports a huge star to coverup the blemish). Moving on..... Now I have to clean up or rather, Prince has to cleanup :) (he is the help).... I am going to make his day when he is done. I helped move the stuff out of the room tho but I am too upset to do much else. Anyways my insomnia buddy(a very cute someone by the way) helped get my mind off all the bullshit last night. I slept off and left him tho...guess i was too tired and he drinks too much coffee(sorry boo). So now my room is getting spring cleaned or rather dry season cleaned(ok that doesn't sound as nice). You get the idea sha.

In other news, when is lent ending o....people have been very grouchy nowadays. Apparently their significant others gave up sex for lent hehe!!...(brave significant others). Some people i am sure have already cheated lol. I am quite sure a dude has blamed his inability to get it up on lent. I can just imagine the scene:

Dude: (kissing sounds)... yes baby...(more kissing sounds)
Babe: You like that? (nw unzipping trousers)
DudE: (moaning)....
Babe: baby why are you still soft
Dude: Am I?? (now checking)...oh shit
Babe: What's wrong
Dude: I err....said i'll give up my erections for lent.
Babe: Really??
Dude: Yep. this is a spiritual something. Lets go to bed

Next day......

Dude: Honey i'm home...what's for dinner
Babe: O nothing... you see, i gave up hunger for lent. Its a spiritual something.

Till next post guys!!! Be good..............X


  1. Eno papa u always crack me up..even in the midst of ur hurricane crisis ur being pity d prince boy!!!! he will soooo clean, hmmmmm some people will tell their parents they gave up academics for will be an excuse for bad grades!!!
    Thank God ur project and bb made it through the rain...

  2. damn it, laughing my ass out , NONO u love ur bb so much ehn !!!!

  3. lwkmd...UR LUV 4 UR BB is serious ooo.

  4. Lmaoooooooo
    she gave up hunger for lent.
    I like the wife.
    We are wicked sha.

    First time here and I love you!
    And I want a BB oooh :(

  5. Haha NoNo o!!!! U have keeeee me! Lav it...wanted 2 vent all over mine jus now nd u hv gvn me the inspiratn to...

  6. @Ini na God o....
    @Ola n @Eno yep...m cmpletely in luv wit my bb...u av no idea...i havent named her yet right name hasnt come along :)
    @Moyo awwwww....tnx tnx iBlush :)....u on twitter?? n yea u shld get one....i used to hate on bb's ehn...smh @ myself. nw i cant drop mine.
    @Tola yesss o....m heading over to read urs nw....vent away luvv!!

  7. LMAOOO!!!!

    ur so crazy mehnnn!! ahnahn!

  8. lmao!!lent sex
    crazy bb love i sware