Friday, February 19, 2010

Tales by LED's

I last blogged four nights ago. I wasn't here three nights ago because there was no electricity(I am in Africa). Sad as it may be to admit that(not the Africa part but the Electricity part), it's the truth. On twitter, a couple of us have been trying to get #LightupNIgeria to trend. Most people think that it's a complete waste of time because our government isn't on twitter so will never see it but i don't think its a complete waste of time. I do not participate because i want our Government officials to see it; i participate because its a means of awareness. Do u know how many people are on twitter?? Well a lot. The possibilities that could arise from that one single act are so much. Its like a cry for help and we never know who will come to our aid.(ok nw i digress seeing as I'm in Ghana at the moment and the reason there was no light was cos something blew at the power station hehe!!. There is constant electricity most of the time in Ghana).

Anyways, as i lay on my bed in the dark(Laptop was dead and phone was dead), all i could think of was what to do. I mean, my house was so quiet. Everyone had gone to bed cos there was nothing to do. I imagined what the kids were doing at the moment seeing as there was no light. They were probably outside playing or telling stories. I wanted to hear a story so bad i wished i could be a kid again. They are just so carefree its beautiful. So today's post is all bout me trying to relive a childhood moment. We are going to have our very own story time. (At this point, i would like you to put off all lights. Only your PC, Laptop, Phone should be emitting light at the moment). This is an interactive session so feel free to speak/ask questions(as a comment ofcourse). I'll respond.

Story Story(here you say story). Story Story(......). Once upon a time there was a girl called Bisi and she lived at home with her mother and two brothers. She attended a university close to her home and was majoring in International Business. She was 20years of age and was not in a relationship. Infact, she'd never been in one cos of her upbringing. She was raised in a very strict christian way and considered almost everything as a sin. At this point in her life, she was curious about the whole relationship deal and boys as a whole. So she was secretly scouting. She asked as many questions as she could but this didn't quench her curiosity. One day, as she was coming out of a lecture, she bumped into someone. Her books fell and so did the person's. They both bent to pick them up. The "person" was faster than she was so she was still gathering hers when she heard "Hello u r Bisi right?, well i'm Grace". Bisi had a small "sad moment". She had been praying it was a guy so they'd have one of those "movie moments". She stood up and responded "yea i'm Bisi. Nice to meet you Grace. How do you know my name?. Grace replied "well you are always answering questions in class. Everybody knows your name". Bisi reddened(she was light skinned). They walked together to the cafeteria gisting and getting to know themselves. After Lunch, they made plans to meet after school.

Bisi got home very excited. Grace had told her there would be a lot of guys where they were going to. She couldn't understand why she was so excited. She thought of a good lie to tell her mum. Her mum was quite gullible. At the agreed upon time, she was at the spot waiting for Grace. A couple of men tried to hit on her and she drank it all in. She hadn't gotten this type of attention before. Bisi was in "heaven". Grace got there eventually and they ordered drinks and partied and had a lovely time. In the cab back to their respective abodes, Grace tried to hit on Bisi. She went in for a kiss and Bisi taken by surprise, didn't move. So Bisi's first kiss ever was with a girl. She surprisingly wasn't repulsed so they had a few more kisses. Bisi couldn't believe what was going on but she didn't want to offend Grace. Needless to say, it was a very awkward situation. The cab got to Bisi's first and Bisi jumped out said goodbye and practically ran into the house. As she lay on her bed that night, she figured she could have something with Grace. Infact it might be better for her cos she'll remain a virgin and no one will ever know. She fell asleep with these thoughts in her mind.

The next couple of days were really busy for Bisi so she and Grace couldn't hook up. On Saturday, Grace took Bisi to her flat. They got in the mood and things got steamy. Grace took Bisi into the room and they kicked things up a notch. Clothes went flying. Bisi was quite enjoying herself until she saw the dildo. Her heart she swears stopped beating. My girl was in for the shock of her life. As Grace brought the dildo closer, Bisi moved back till she was at the edge of the bed. Before Grace knew what was happening, Bisi ran out of the room like all the demons in the world were after her. Naked and all. Hailed a cab, and got home(the cab driver almost got into four accidents cos he wasn't looking). She ran into her room and cried. Bisi needless to say went in for therapy. She kept telling the doctors "killed a man and was holding his thing; his thing; killed a man; pink; his thing". She is currently still in the psych ward. THE END. :)

#Lesson: Be informed.

PS: For those that don't know, LED's are Light Emitting Diodes and they are found in most screens.


  1. Bisi should be singing ' i kissed a girl and i liked it....' lol

    hahahahahaha at the end of the story....doesnt Bisi watch tv or read books? she will be traumatized for life

  2. LMAOOOOO damn u totally killed me with that one oh! hahahahahha I don dieeeeee!!!

  3. LMFAO!!! Yeeee i have died! Poor Bisi...Yes o b informed!

  4. You. Are. Fucking. Mental.
    Proof that we're related.
    You've made my day.
    Hontou Arigatou.

    Im laughing too much to comment but #sigh
    I swear I love you!!!!!
    Ignorance is not bliss oh.