Saturday, February 13, 2010


Ok we all know the new Jason Derulo song that shares the same name as this post and I'm sure most of u are thinking this post is gonna be all about romance n all that right??........well, GUESS again.

Speech is difficult for many people. I know that and those people are exempted from the wrath of this post. As for the rest, u have no bloody excuse. why would u be murdering the Queens language. Yes i said MURDER cos that's what i think you are doing. I mean some people open their mouth, and i cringe/grimace/passout(ok the last one has not happened yet but its only a matter of time) and its not from their mouth odour(i wish it was. Atleast we could make good use of the cellphone hehe!!), its from the sound they produce. And YES u guessed right they don't know sign language either(if they did, i would have a PHD in sign language. That's how much i love English). I can try and forgive those with the DEEP accents(i said try) but when you start speaking with constant grammatical errors, every time u speak, i picture a gun(and its not for me). I figure I'd be doing the society a big favour no?. I even have my full defense already prepared and when I'm done, the judge would probably start handing guns out so my deed can be carried out by all. I'm sure when you know you might be shot, you would make an effort to know if its "breastfeeded or breastfed". YEP someone said or rather typed that on twitter some days back. I gave the poor word a moment of silence.

That's why when my friends go crazy over fine boys or try to hook me up, i simply ask for phone numbers first. Most guys think that's rather forward and YES i am quite forward but its also for my own peace of mind. I cannot have a close friend that is lacking in the grammatical dept. If i did, you'd be like a journal. Just listening :).

The second one that irks me would be when you are telling me something then you suddenly say "don't worry". Like WTF. I was by myself and you came with your worthless gist. After making me interested, you now decide not to share. well, here i go with the once bitten twice shy approach. Don't even try to tell me anything again. My time is too precious for all that. The worst is when cos i didn't hear you, you now say "i was not born twice". WHAT THE FUCK does that even mean. Like what is the relationship with that and simply making yourself a little louder. At this point, i would most likely walk you out of my room unless we are really close then i'd just assume you are joking and give you a small "haha". Terrible joke.

There was a point in my life, i used to say "watchu say" when i couldn't hear you. My brothers all thought it was cute and whenever i said it, they would all repeat. Well its been a while since i said it. Now i just say "sorry??". i should go back to my "watchu say??".(just a thought)

In other news, i didn't go out last night so "he" didnt end up seeing me(refer to previous post). I know they would say i broke a promise but my fingers were crossed and they pressured me into giving it. HA!!. Serves them right.

#Lesson: Never Pressure ME :)


  1. lol,i hate that statement i wasnt born twice too.its very annoying and just razz.

  2. lmaoo they dont repeat themselves na. chillax. lool.