Monday, February 15, 2010

XX = ???

Today i took off my braids and had a weave put on. All this took about seven hours(give or take a few minutes). While seated(on my very sore bum i must add), all i could think of were the other things i could have been doing at that moment. Time waits for no one. I mean, how many guys can say they spent seven hours cutting their hair(vain much??)??. This got me thinking about all the "ridiculous" things women do in the name of grooming, beauty, fashion etc.

Being a former tomboy, i would do myself no justice if i don't start with my biggest problem. HIGH HEELED SHOES!!!. Granted it adds a little bit 2 my height(I'm quite short), but the price i pay isn't worth it at all and besides i love my height :). Gone are the days i used to wear hoodies and shorts to clubs with my trainers, now i look all girlie in my dresses which have to be worn with heels kmt. I SUFFER IN SILENCE(ok i lie...i complain throughout) all because I'm trying to achieve a particular look. Most times, i end up taking my shoes off midway(yes i do that). One time, my shoes got stolen. I'm quite sure a stripper took it(don't ask me what proof i have. call it a sixth sense :) ).

The second thing would be shaving(but lets call it WAXING so the severity can be understood). If you have ever waxed before, you would understand how painful this is. We do it anyways. God forbid a strand of hair should appear on our arms or legs. I don't wax tho but i have a friend that does and I'd like 2 share an experience of hers. Sometime ago, on a beautiful Saturday, she woke up and decided the hair on her body must go. Veet was not good enough for my girl. She decided to wax. She got the kit(hers required the microwave. Apparently the wax had to be hot). So she started with her legs and moved unto her arms. All the while yelping in pain. Ok the deed gets done. Five minutes later, we see bumps(not goosebumps). YES arm bumps(like the kind you see on guys just after they shave). I laughed so hard, tears came out of my eyes. She had to wear long sleeves for about a week. It was torture for her lol. She is now a big fan of veet :)

Now lets talk about the "Less is More" concept the entertainment industry has. Women are no longer expected to wear clothes in music videos. Abomination!!. You have to be almost naked.The funny part about it is that the guys now wear more. Its like they are trying to compensate lol. Baggy this, Baggy that, waistcoats, Jackets etc. Give some to the Ladies please. That is why there are some ladies that would forever have my respect. They have refused to sell out and they are still making their mark on the industry. Kudos!!!

And finally, the hours burnt doing things like Eyebrow tweezing , Fixing nails, Making hair, Spa sessions etc all in the name of looking good. I remember growing up, i used to wish that I'd wake up one day and discover I'm a guy. Never happened :(. Now tho i have come to appreciate and even love being a part of this "race" called women. I don't support some of the things "they" do, but i won't change who i am for anything.

PS: For those that don't know, XX means two X chromosomes and this represents the female gene.


  1. i get it now, d XX in realistxx stands 4,realist gal...nice 1
    hw come i never saw u during ur tomboy season,cant even imagine u wif dem

  2. lol....u did but u always saw me in school(uniform). Never @ home.

  3. now dont hate on high such a fan!!!!!
    Nice Post!!!!!

  4. LoL...totally feelin u hun but we have 2 do wht we hv to do!

  5. Hmmm.
    We are so soul mates! :p
    I love being a girl but I don't give a toss about half the things our specie care about.
    My hairs a mess half the time, my eyebrows are naturally shaped so i don't do those stuff. and waxing or shaving - no no no.
    only in the necessary areas.
    well truth is i don't grow hair on my legs or hands sooo yeah hehe :)
    But yeah, women for life ;)

  6. nice...i still wish i was a boy tho:( ok sumtyms..