Friday, February 12, 2010

LOoking Back!!!

Don't u just hate hangovers?? Every little sound is magnified and ironically that's when my friends decide to be the loudest. Not this morning tho. Everyone is sporting an identical headache hehe!! BLISS!!. So the house is sooo quiet. (did i mention BLISS??). :). Well last night was quite a night. Friend had a party(obviously) and the quantity of booze was quite alarming. I contributed by providing bloody mary's.(i just had to say that :P).

Waking up this morning, i tried to remember ALL that took place last night. I danced(most people would go like "obviously" to that statement but you've got 2 see me dance first to get why i told you that). Anyways, i danced(not your swing to the right and swing to the left kind of movement but the kind of dance that leaves most very HARD). And boy were they Hard(That is not a smug statement but an honest one) and being a girl, i obviously get a lot of satisfaction from that but that's all there is to it for me. But most always want to take it past the dance floor and to them i say "yeah right". You probably have a bigger chance of making heaven. (now i digress). So Dude1 whispers in my ear that i should write my number on a paper and give him(O_O). In this day and time WHO SAYS THAT?? His bloody cellphone was in his pocket. Well yours truly asked him if he doesn't have a phone and my guy produced the phone. He got my number but then i change those like i drink water(here i would love to say i am not in the "yahoo" business. I just have a voice fetish so I'm always exchanging numbers and at a point i get a stalker or two and that number gets changed).

Dude2 wanted to sleep in my room. can do. I don't roll that way love and plus he is quite a good friend so i'mma blame his lust on the alchohol(or not :D). I did give him a lap dance tho(another thing i do quite well). Dude3(the one i actually like) got just a goodnight from me. Don't want 2 jinx nothing. So i did absolutely no crazy deed last night which is quite a relief cos i tend to go really hyper when the alchohol in my blood is more than the water. Dude1 did tell me in what i'm sure he thinks was a sexy voice that he'll see me this night(cos there is a party in his crib). Yes he will SEE(fullstop) me.

To round it off, me and my bestie now have a tradition that gets all the boys in the room thinking(including her man) and yesterday after we had told ourselves goodnight, all the boys wanted one too so they got one each on the cheek :).

So from my memory, last night ended on that note. Yours truly snuggled up to Lulzy(my turtle teddy) and called it an AM(twaz bout 4:30am).

PS: My football(soccer) team WON the game 2 days ago so now we are 6 points shy of the top of the table.

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  1. Lulzy! Noooooo! Hope HE stayed sober. Stop giving lapdances. Without money. lol.
    I miss Lulzy.
    (By the way, that's the correct spelling of his name. And I uploaded him as your user image.)